2009 glass bottle raw soda prices may exceed 50%

According to reports, since the global supply is still expected to be tight, the recently-acquired bid/ask price for 2009 Asian soda ash supply contract negotiations increased by 50%.
The contract negotiations between non-Chinese buyers and other Asian buyers started on the week of October 3. The starting price is US$350/tonne (€248.50/tonne, Asian cost plus freight), which is US$10-120/ton higher than the current US$230-340/tonne delivered in 2008 (Asian cost plus freight rate).
An American soda sale in Southeast Asia shows that this is just the starting price of the contract in 2009. According to the order quantity and the time of signing the agreement, our asking price may reach 400 US dollars / ton.
The vast majority of demand in Asia is supplied by Chinese sellers, and the lowest contract price is reportedly US$330/ton, which is US$30-80/ton higher than the current long-term contract price of US$250-300/ton (Asian cost plus freight).

Reprinted: Chinese bottle net

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