2011-2015 food packaging machinery output value is expected to break 600 billion

It is estimated that from 2011 to 2015, the total output value of the food and packaging machinery industry is expected to exceed 600 billion yuan, and the average annual growth rate is maintained at 16%. According to the China Machinery Industry Federation, from 2011 to 2015, the total output value of the food and packaging machinery industry is expected to exceed 600 billion yuan, and the average annual growth rate is maintained at 16%.

However, behind the rapid development of China's packaging industry, it is shocking that a large number of high-tech complete sets of equipment still rely on imports, and a large amount of foreign exchange is used to import complete sets of equipment every year. For example, plastic film biaxial stretching equipment, a production line of nearly 100 million yuan, has been introduced since the 1970s, so far, China has imported 110 such production lines. In addition, aseptic packaging boxes and filling equipment, which are widely used in the dairy industry, are provided by the Swedish Tetra Pak Company.

Industry experts believe that the excessive dependence of China's packaging machinery on foreign technology has seriously restricted the continuous and stable development of China's packaging industry.

At present, the competition for food packaging machinery is becoming increasingly fierce. The future food packaging machinery will cooperate with industrial automation to promote the overall level of packaging equipment and develop multi-functional, low-cost and low-consumption food packaging equipment.

It is understood that the traditional packaging machinery mostly uses mechanical control, such as cam distribution shaft type, and later appeared photoelectric control, pneumatic control and other control forms. With the increasing improvement of food processing technology, the requirements for packaging parameters are increasing, the original control system has been difficult to meet the development of new forms, and mechanical and electronic equipment integrating machine, electricity, gas, light, raw and electromagnetic is integrated. It is used in food packaging machinery. It is designed to improve the automation of packaging machinery. Combining the development of packaging machinery with a computer can realize mechatronic control.

According to experts, a complete mechatronic system, which generally includes microcomputers, sensors, power sources, transmission systems, actuators, etc., eliminates the cumbersome and unreasonable parts of conventional packaging machinery, and mechanical, microcomputer, and microelectronics. The integration of advanced technologies in various disciplines such as sensors has brought profound changes to the design, manufacture and control of packaging machinery, which has fundamentally changed the status quo of packaging machinery.

For the healthy and orderly development of the food packaging industry, Tan Junyi, consultant of the China Printing and Equipment Industry Association, suggested: fully promote the reorganization of corporate assets, accelerate the establishment of a modern enterprise system; base on scientific and technological innovation, increase independent innovation; and gradually implement the “big and strong small school” "The production and operation mode forms a "differentiated" market competition system; attaches importance to green packaging to prevent pollution and attach importance to environmental protection.

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