3 major nursing points for sensitive muscles

For sensitive skin, choose the right step in the right cosmetics and skin care products is very important, sensitive muscle is not terrible, but not have the patience and good habit is very scary. Let's take a look at the skin care focus of sensitive muscles.

3 major nursing points for sensitive muscles

Pay attention to makeup remover

Make-up remover helps to gently moisturize and remove oil and dirt from the skin surface. However, you must choose a mild makeup remover that does not contain alcohol, spices, pigments, etc., and the makeup removal time should not be too long. Sensitive skin does not like greasy feeling, and makeup remover is best to use a makeup remover that does not have a greasy feel.

Moderate cleaning

The dirt inside the pores is also the culprit of allergies and inflammation, and cleaning is the focus of maintenance on sensitive skin. Try to use cold water when washing your face. Do not use alkaline soapy lotion for sensitive skin. It is not advisable to use scrubs, exfoliating creams, or facial cleansers or granule cleansers that can cause facial heat. This is because the thinning of the stratum corneum of the skin and the damage of the stratum corneum are the main causes of sensitivity, so the first principle of maintenance is to maintain the stratum corneum without damage. To choose a mild cleanser, it is best to have a natural ingredient.

Also be careful not to overdo it when cleaning. Wash your face up to two times a day. If the face is too frequent, it will destroy the sebum layer and increase the burden on the skin. The skin is more susceptible to allergies. Lightly press with a towel, the skin after allergies is prone to tingling or itching, but you should never use a towel to smash back and forth, only use a towel or a non-fragrance paper towel to pat dry. When it is sensitive to the attack, it is best to change the new towel.

Daily skin care

Sensitive skin is thin and the moisture is easily dissipated, so the focus of daily skin care should be on “moisturizing”. Products that are light, non-greasy, moisturizing, and free of fragrances and additives should be selected, preferably pure natural products. At the same time, the moisturizing product should not have excessive nutrient effect, and the effect of strong moisturizing is enough. When the season is changed, it is also necessary to pay attention to the replacement of the unsuitable skin care products. In short, care should be simple, but not sloppy.

First, use a lotion that has a calming and moisturizing effect. The role of lotion is to calm sensitive skin, organize texture lines and balance the PH value of skin after washing. Chamomile, aloe vera, calendula or spa ingredients all have calming and soothing anti-allergic effects. Keep away from products containing alcohol and fruit acids.

Secondly, on many sensitive skin special products, the words “gentle”, “mild” and “sensitive” are marked, which means that they are designed for sensitive skin. After trial, most of them can be used with confidence. Among them, because the anti-sensitive emulsion has a high water content, it can soothe sensitive skin more than the cream, help the skin to adjust the water saturation and increase the resistance. It is therefore recommended to use more of these products. If you apply a thin layer of lotion when the sensitivity is serious, do not use a cream product.

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