A new big-name home play cross-border

For the home furnishing industry, the cross-border from fashion and art has not been a new thing. From high-end brands Hermes, BV to high street brands H&M and Zara have launched their own home designs , and during this year's Milan show, The collection of home collections and art installations brought by a number of brands, including Mercedes-Benz and Salvatore Ferragamo, is refreshing and not new.

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Big-name home play cross-border

Continuation of brand style

Mercedes-Benz seems to be bent on extending the car culture into every corner of life. After the introduction of the fashion clothing series, this year has launched a series of furniture, yes, you are not mistaken - furniture series. Just like Benz's previous style, the new furniture series is made with the aim of bringing its car products into the home life. The products are simple in design, smooth in lines, futuristic, simple and yet style.

Big-name home play cross-border

Calvin Klein, who has only been launching the bedding series, has finally been unable to sit still this year. The first launch of the furniture collection also continues the brand's sexy, modern route, reflecting the full New York lifestyle. The use of minimalist lines and neutral colors, although slightly conservative, still conveys the brand spirit and connotation that belongs to CK. The materials of high polished walnut and travertine marble are full of natural style, simple and generous, noble and elegant. .

Italian fashion brand Robetto Cavalli also released the latest home collection with the 2012 Milan Furniture Fair. One of the most eye-catching round beds – the integrated bedside table made of leather, non-splicing and suede fabrics and brass bed frames – represents the brand's consistent quality pursuit and unique style.

Twilight trip

Big-name home play cross-border

This year's Missoni home is also in the style of Missoni fashion, reflecting two styles: beautiful colors and changing geometric figures. These beautiful colors are cleverly designed, coupled with the ever-changing geometric patterns, which are attractive to you. eyeball. Cotton embroidered wavy bed cover, rainbow-like quilt, ash woven rug with Cashmere and pure cotton, large flower-shaped linen tablecloth, even the most stable sofa, jumping in colors and lines .

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