Also talk about the shape culture of Chinese mahogany classical furniture

Chinese culture is as profound as a star, and one of the stars is even more eye-catching and amazing. This is the Chinese mahogany classical furniture with a long history and elegant rhythm. As a kind of solid wood craft furniture in China, Chinese traditional mahogany furniture is a fusion of high-grade and precious hardwood and traditional Chinese culture. It has exquisite craftsmanship, complete categories and self-contained system. It has strong national style and oriental characteristics. It is a combination of solemn elegance, charm and cultural temperament, and has become synonymous with high quality and high value. The history of Chinese mahogany classical furniture is a beautiful piece of poetry created by wood. Whether it is a clumsy and mysterious Shang and Zhou furniture, romantic and magical low-rise furniture (the Qin and Han dynasties in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period), it is also the furniture of the elegant and elegant ( During the Wei, Jin and Southern and Northern Dynasties, the gorgeous and high-grade furniture (the period of the Sui and Tang Dynasties), the simple and elegant high-grade furniture (the Song and Yuan Dynasties), or the quaint and exquisite Ming-style furniture, the graceful and elegant Qing-style furniture... Its eternal charm of beauty attracts the love and pursuit of thousands of Chinese and foreign people.

Taking the squat structure of Chinese classical furniture as an example, it has been fully appreciated in the furniture of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Human beings combines intelligence and exquisite craftsmanship, so that the 榫卯 structure is no longer just a node in the wood component, but directly becomes the shaping means of Ming furniture. There are hundreds of enamel structures in Ming style furniture. The hard and hard hardwoods make complex and ingenious gongs on the hands of master craftsmen. They are yin and yang, and the embossing and inconsistency show the excellence of our ancestors. Scientific achievements. Between the components, there is no metal nail at all, and the rubber adhesive is only used as an auxiliary means, that is, the buckle can be tightly and seamlessly, and the process is very precise. If we unravel all kinds of flaws displayed in various structural points of Ming and Qing furniture, such as the brown horned owl, the horned owl, the horned owl, the raft, the dovetail, the chin, the shoulder, the hang, etc., have to Convinced by the skill of the craftsman. The structure of enamel is the essence of classical furniture. It is the basis of classical furniture. It can be said that there is no classical furniture without exquisite craftsmanship. In front of the mahogany furniture art of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, through the culture of the traditional mahogany furniture of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, people can appreciate the rich connotation of Chinese classical furniture culture, and they can not help but sigh with the profound and profound traditional culture of the Chinese nation. A thick history of furniture.

Since the founding of the People's Republic of China more than 60 years ago, the Chinese nation is now facing a great opportunity for a great rejuvenation. The people's living standards have undergone earth-shaking changes, especially the furniture that is closely related to our lives. According to the "Global Luxury Market Report" jointly released by the internationally renowned consulting firm Bain Consultant Co., Ltd. and the Italian Luxury Producers Association, China has surpassed Japan to become the second largest luxury consumer after the United States. Not long ago, the official report of the World Luxury Association was held in Beijing. In the "Blue Book of the World Luxury Association Official Report", the World Luxury Association made predictions on the Chinese luxury market. It is predicted that China is most likely to appear. There are four areas of international luxury brands, except for tea, liquor and jade, which are mahogany furniture.

The pros and cons of plastic arts in furniture culture are the core elements that determine the value of furniture. The so-called type is the shape and shape of the furniture. Different homes have different shapes, that is, the shape and shape of the furniture are determined by the name of the furniture. For example, the circle chair has the shape of a circle chair, the canopy bed has the shape of a canopy bed, the same material, the same market, and the price of the ring chair and the canopy bed is It can't be the same. This is the value of the name. During the Republic of China, Chinese classical furniture began to receive the attention of some Westerners and Chinese architects. Young scholars Liang Sicheng and Ike founded the "Building Society" in the 1930s. In the study of ancient Chinese architectural art, the Ming Dynasty furniture set in the garden attracted Ike. He began to collect and study Ming Dynasty furniture. With the assistance of Mr. Yang Yao, he published the first book introducing Chinese classical furniture. Furniture drawing test. Although this book has not attracted the interest of the Chinese, it has not been influential in the West. Westerners have begun to acquire and collect Chinese Ming and Qing furniture in large quantities and ship them overseas. The value of shape can be seen.

At present, in the evaluation of the classical art of Chinese classical furniture, there is a set of relatively scientific and established standards in the appraisers, collectors and academia that have been accepted by the world. Mr. Wang Shizhen is a master of the comprehensive evaluation of furniture art. He used the ruler of the ancient Chinese to judge the Chinese painting in the article "Ming" and "Sickness" of Ming-style furniture (see "Ming-style Furniture Research"). With "sickness" to evaluate Ming and Qing furniture, the art standard of furniture is highly summarized, so that the description of furniture shape can be standardized and embodied, so that the relationship between them can be seen at a glance. The furniture 16 proposed by Mr. Wang is concise, simple, thick, thick, majestic, round, Shen Mu, Qiang Hua, Wen Yu, Yu Xiu, Jin Ting, soft, ethereal, exquisite, elegant, fresh; eight diseases are It is cumbersome, complicated, bloated, stagnation, slender, sluggish, lost, and vulgar. Each "product" and "illness" are explained in detail in the above text, with examples to illustrate.

Speaking of this, it is necessary to mention Weilin Wood, a new star in the mahogany furniture manufacturing industry in recent years. At the beginning of Weilin Wood's business, it mainly sells valuable hardwoods such as big leaf huanghuali, lobular rosewood and ebony. At the same time, it manufactures high-end hardwood boutique furniture with original classic design, and is the exclusive supplier of “Da Ye Huang Hua Pear” in China. With the continuous expansion of brand influence, Weilin Wood found that the essence of the craftsmanship that truly inherits the traditional Chinese furniture tradition is not only made of high-quality hardwood in the selection of materials, but also in the pursuit of aesthetics and aesthetics. This can only be achieved in order to inherit. Especially when using modern advanced mechanical equipment to process parts, the shape requirements are from the beginning to the end. General Manager Jiang Qiping knows this way. For this reason, Weilin Chinese Furniture Art Research Institute (under the Ministry of Culture, China Redwood Furniture Culture Research Institute) has been set up to collect, organize, rescue and protect the cultural heritage of Chinese mahogany furniture. Dunhuang Zhang Dexiang, Hu Desheng, Yang Jiaxuan, Jiang Xiaomei, Zhao Fuzhen and other industry authorities participated in the study of the cultural culture and the promotion of the culture of Weilin mahogany furniture.

Practice has proved that the Weilin model not only makes the corporate brand truly become a Chinese mahogany furniture manufacturing enterprise with good growth and competitiveness, but also enables Weilin Wood to promote cross-regional and cross-industry joint or restructuring, expand the scale of the enterprise, and enhance the intensive operation. At the level of promoting resource integration and structural adjustment in the cultural field, it is full of brand tension. In essence, Weilin Wood has deepened the cultural value of the Chinese mahogany furniture industry and upgraded the mahogany furniture industry to a higher level and is more internationally competitive.

The mahogany furniture culture itself is China's characteristic culture. In the face of historical opportunities, we have sufficient reason and confidence to gather more elite enterprises such as Weilin Wood in the coordination and transformation of China's mahogany furniture culture research institute. The industry is well planned and developed, and at the same time, more conditions are created to achieve brand building through cultural implantation of products. This is no easy task, but we firmly believe that China's mahogany furniture manufacturing industry only truly solves the ambiguity of the development of the industry. It truly stands in the perspective of inheriting and innovating Chinese traditional culture, going to the industry's disease and strong culture, and abandoning quick success. The business thinking, the arrival of world-class Chinese mahogany furniture brands will not be far away.

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