Amazon Launches Sports Outdoor Store

Amazon "buy overseas" launch outdoor sports shop Date:2016-02-26 14:27

With the upsurge of the national fitness boom and major sporting events becoming the highlights of stimulating consumption, the sports economy is being viewed as a treasure that can be tapped by the e-commerce platform. Amazon China has raised 5,000 international outdoor sports big names and assembled stores.

Recently, Amazon China announced that Amazon purchased sports outdoor stores online. The new Amazon online outdoor sports shop not only brought together more than 5,000 hot international top names including Montrail, Mueller, Skins, Speedo, and Jack Wolfskin, but also covered running, fitness training, cycling, snow sports, and ball sports. There are more than 540,000 international products in the 8 sports categories such as water sports and water sports, and there are also numerous sea scouring and domestic market niche or rare high-quality tip cargoes.

In order to optimize the shopping experience of consumers, Amazon's overseas outdoor sports shop has highlighted practical functions in page design, and has displayed professional products, best-selling products, popular big names, and full-skilled sports equipment in various dimensions. At a glance, it is easy for one-stop shopping.

International big names gather all kinds of rich selections to build a world

Amazon has been on the line for more than a year from overseas, and the outdoor sports category has been one of the top ten most popular overseas categories popular among Chinese consumers. With our strategic partnership with global suppliers, the new outdoor sports shop has also introduced some sea scouring and domestic sports products that are relatively niche or rare, effectively filling the current market gap. With the warmer weather after the holiday season, consumers gradually began to walk out of their homes to increase their outdoor exercise. Amazon China hopes to help consumers enhance their physical fitness by providing a wealth of international sports products with exquisite outdoor products and professional and meticulous category planning. Niu Yinghua, vice president of Amazon China, said.

It is reported that Amazon’s international brands of sports outdoor stores are well-known in terms of quantity and reputation, including mountaineering Montrail as a product research and development team, U.S. sportswear brand Mueller, and compact and convenient home fitness. The preferred brands such as Perfect Fitness, Swedish National Treasure Fishing Big Brand Abu Garcia, popular massage fitness big brand Trigger Point, and the Messenger brand ancestor brand Timbuk2 have great international competitiveness in market competitiveness, which has injected fresh energy into the domestic sports equipment market.

In addition to its unique advantages in the richness of its selection, the new Amazon Overseas Shopping Outdoor Store has introduced a number of popular products that are popular with consumers on the Amazon, such as the legend of Manduka, the preferred brand of yoga instructors worldwide. The black mat Black Mat PRO, with its excellent non-slip weaving technology, good comfort and cushioning performance, has brought new joyful experiences to yoga enthusiasts all over the world. In addition to the championship in the sales of American fitness gloves from Harbinger, in addition to its outstanding protection features, the durable and easy-care features are widely praised by consumers.

Unique professional classification allows consumers to choose to purchase

In addition to having a large number of well-known international brands and hot-selling single items, Amazon's outdoor sports outdoor stores are also distinguished from the traditional classification standards of domestic sports shopping websites, and have made careful and professional classification according to different sports categories. More than 540,000 sports outdoor selections are divided into eight categories: running, fitness training, cycling, ice and snow sports, ball games, water sports, fashion sports and leisure sports. Each major category is also based on specific sports. Categories such as categories or different application scenarios can be subdivided into 40 categories, such as cycling accessories, fishing, sleds, and American football, and consumers can easily find their corresponding selections. Amazon's overseas purchase of sports outdoor stores not only effectively fills the gap between Haitao and the domestic market, but also fully meets the needs of Chinese consumers.

The newly-outlined outdoor sports page design of sports outdoor stores pays more attention to practicability and user experience. In addition to the specialized presentation of subdivisions as the first presentation dimension, it is convenient for consumers to find the desired selection in time according to their actual needs. In particular, according to the top-selling product rankings and hot-selling brands, there is a fixed buying area. Consumers can learn about the current fashion trends in the section with hot selling single product recommendation and sports international big names. Products.

In addition, with the rise of smart technology, there have been more and more feature-rich sports equipment with strong sense of technology. In order to provide consumers with professional and comprehensive sports solutions, Amazon has purchased outdoor sports shop pages. The design also emphasizes the concept of science and technology. In the ad hoc technology change campaign division, Amazon has purchased more than a dozen models of technology-influenced transport equipment to facilitate consumers to personalize their purchases and enjoy smart sports. Equipment brings fun.

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