And look at the packaging design from the purchasing habits

1. The emergence of packaging in China stems from changes in people’s buying habits

The function of the packaging in China, even today, is mainly to realize people's buying habits, not to have any special performance in terms of protection, transportation, landscaping and visual promotion.

First, after more than a decade of rest and recuperation after World War II, people in Western countries have gradually regained their vigor. The pace of work is gradually accelerating, people are beginning to have a new understanding of time and efficiency, and will not spend too much on daily necessities. Multiple times and times. Secondly, supermarkets attract people with low prices and diversified choices, but at the same time the huge size of supermarkets also determines that it cannot be built in the golden area of ​​the city center. So people start to develop weekly supermarket shopping. habit. And hopefully, this regular purchase can satisfy their consumption for several days. With the rise of the material level of society, on the one hand, people's demand for daily necessities is not only satisfied with the passing of quality. The concept and packaging of goods also play a decisive role in people's purchase. On the other hand, various products Competition has become increasingly fierce, and how to stand out from the variety of goods on the shelves and successfully attract the attention of consumers is a key consideration for businesses.

In interaction with this, merchants in a new form of packaging, China Packaging, or Inner Packaging, are well-satisfied with the potential needs of consumers, and this brings about their own marketing. Huge business opportunities. In the era of commodity packaging, a product with more than one form of packaging means more opportunities for contact with consumers and one more window to open the market. The transformation of individual packaging into multi-body packaging can also save costs to a certain extent. For example, it can help reduce the price, provide more preferential services to consumers, and increase market competitiveness. Therefore, China Packaging can be said to be an evolutionary form of packaging, but it has a more intense commercial atmosphere. The fundamental motive for its birth is to conform to people's buying habits, cater to the market, and facilitate marketing.

2. Chinese packaging with Chinese characteristics

Obviously, there is a certain choice relationship between commodities and packaging, and the key lies in people, or the market. Not many people would be willing to buy 6 bundles of brooms, nor would they need to buy 4 DVD models of the same model at once. Therefore, for the analysis of the features of the products that are packaged in use, the market characteristics and commercial value of the package can be understood from another perspective.

These commonly used packaged goods generally fall into the category of rapid consumables, and have a short life cycle and consume large amounts, such as: beverages, paper handkerchiefs, pencils, etc.; secondly, from a technical point of view, their individual weight is lighter, after packaging. The unit weights are basically within the allowable range of the hand-carried, and the volume is also similar, with only occasional exceptions, such as 4 x 2 liters of Coca-Cola packaging; again, most of these goods are individually affordable, and the combined sale has further price cuts. Space, there is a certain promotional significance. Obviously, the packaging of goods in use can reflect the advantages of medium packaging to a large extent. Conversely, Chinese packaging further strengthens the advantages of these products.

At present, in the middle package on supermarket shelves, the bright dairy product series is undoubtedly more successful. "Bright" has a large number of products, there are 4 or 5 types of light milk. Compared to fresh milk with a shelf life of 3-4 days, vacuum bagged milk can be stored at room temperature for about 45 days, so people will buy a few packages at a time and store them at home. Bright Dairy timely seized the psychology of people's purchases and launched two types of packaging: 8 packs * 500ml and 16 packs * 250ml. This kind of middle package is convenient for carrying, and the price is favorable, which greatly facilitates the consumers who do not often visit supermarkets or have no refrigerators (such as accommodation students), so the sales performance in the market is very good.

It can be seen that the colorfulness of Chinese packaging is increasingly becoming an important factor in winning consumers' attention because of the flourishing of commodity packaging.

3. Development perspective

In recent years, with the development of the economy and the improvement of the material level, people's aesthetics and shopping habits have changed. The faster and faster pace of life has made shopping a few days or even one or two weeks. Various kinds of highly competitive products allow people to pay more attention to their mental pleasure and appearance when they purchase items. The emergence of Chinese packaging to a certain extent solved these problems. First of all, Chinese packaging meets consumers more. Secondly, the larger quantity makes the goods more favorable than the unit price and more competitive in similar products. Third, an overall medium package can create a pop effect on an assortment of shelves to attract consumers' attention. These above-mentioned reasons directly led to the development of China Packaging.

With the major supermarkets and hypermarkets landing one after another, China Packaging will make great achievements in domestic supermarkets. According to the analysis, in the domestic market, the largest supermarkets with the highest packaging utilization rate and the best results are mainly large-scale warehouse supermarkets led by Germany's Metro, followed by foreign supermarkets such as Carrefour, and once again domestic supermarkets such as agriculture, industry and commerce. The gap between the latter two, especially in terms of the number of uses, has gradually decreased in recent years, and local companies are still only inadequate in the way they are used.

Chinese businesses have realized the advantages of Chinese packaging. Chinese local companies have seen the market and business opportunities, and have also made clear their direction of development. Thanks to its familiarity with the Chinese market and spending habits, and its fully localized advantages, China Packaging, in line with China’s national conditions, has continuously absorbed the advanced concepts and experiences of its Western counterparts and has demonstrated its tremendous potential for development. .

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