Application of graphite guide trough in glass bottle production

In the past, in the production of glass bottles, the feed troughs were made of aluminum, and there were many wrinkled skins in the glass bottles. However, the current graphite troughs (inking on the surface of aluminum troughs) solved this problem very well. With short material time, the change rate of the glass liquid is significantly reduced, the lubrication speed is accelerated, the speed of the glass liquid mass falling from the feeder to the bottle machine is accelerated, the chance of deformation is reduced, and the bottle forming rate and the finish of the glass bottle are also improved. Most of the glass factories now use graphite tanks. The layer of graphite in the first batch of six months will have to be replaced and then sprayed with new graphite. The coating price is not too high, and the overall calculation is better than that. Pure aluminum feed trough is much better. At present, most domestic graphite troughs are produced in Shandong, and Sanxin and Jiafeng are better. They can customize all kinds of graphite troughs.

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