Asda Selects FLB's Packaging Design

Selection of ASDA Scope FLB-type Pharmacy

Asda has redesigned its range of private label drugs and diagnostic products as non-food commodities that will focus on continuing good value.

The FLB brand of branding and packaging consultants has established a range of services including first aid, cough and cold, indigestion, pain relief, allergy relief and diagnostic product packaging design.

The core design includes two wide-band images that have crossed over with a white signal overlapping the health sector. The name of the product is shown in a white band. Color helps determine different categories.

Simon Arundel, manager of Advanced Packaging Design ASDA, said: This launch is in line with our strategy to continue providing non-food products with great value for customers under the Asda brand. The FLB model fulfilled our brief presentation of a clear, credible design that could span a wide variety of products.

Colin mechanical seal, executive creative director FLB type, said: This consistency is the key to short-term, so we must create a flexible design that will be far from the number of different products. In addition, trust is very important when customers are choosing off-site remedies, so the design must meet our expectations, the position in the pharmaceutical industry and the status of other brands.

Commercial Plywood which can be used for furniture, construction, decoration and packing.

Face and Back : Okume , bintangor , poplar , Keruing, pine, beech, Teak

Core : poplar , combi, hardwood, birch

Glue: WBP , melamine ,

Thickness : 2.5mm-30mm

Size : 1220x2440 1250x2500mm


payments terms:L/C at sight,T/T 30%as depoist


joint way:overlap joint,end joint,scraf joint,finger joint

hot pressed:two times hot [pressed

certificate:ISO9001,American CARB,CE,FSC

additional:sample available

production process:

Raw material â†’Gluing →Pave →Press →First hot press →

Core Amending →First Sanding →Facing →Second hot press →
Second Sanding →Cutting →Inspection →Packing

Commercial Plywood

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