At the end of 2011, home stores are making a lot of money.

The promotion of the Christmas home store is just over. The various heavy events on New Year's Day can't wait to appear. The reporters visited the store and saw that the home stores are vying at the end of the year. The shopping malls have increased significantly in recent days, an increase of three over the past. Four times. The reporter learned from the relevant responsible population of the store that New Year's Day is the last promotion node before the Spring Festival. In the final battle of 2011, the home stores not only sell sales, but also try their best to earn popularity and earn a reputation. [Consumer] New Year's purchase of new furniture is very enthusiastic.

Dalian is a romantic capital. In addition to dressing up, people living in this city have begun to bring this city's romantic atmosphere from home to home. As the New Year approaches, this desire is reflected in the household consumption, and the enthusiasm of the family members is high. Many owners plan to dress up their rooms through small furniture and soft decorations. Some new owners of winter delivery rooms have also entered the stage of purchasing furniture and soft decorations. Home sales staff told reporters that the sales of furniture in December have picked up, and consumers who buy wardrobes, upholstered furniture and soft decorations have a strong customer flow. Compared with furniture and soft decorations, the sales performance of building materials is average. [Business] Promotional activities are comprehensively attacked and sold to earn popularity.

The first New Year's Day promotion period of the New Year has always been valued by the merchants. The reporter visited some of the home stores in Dalian. Most of the merchants expressed their expectation for the New Year's Day passenger flow and sales volume. They hoped to usher in the 2012 “opening the door” and change the dull market in 2011. In the face of the holiday New Year's Day, most businesses have given the annual heavy discount activities, a variety of "floor price shocks", "year-end Shenghui", "group buying frenzy" and so on. The large-scale promotion of merchants has also attracted consumers' pursuit. Many consumers are worried about the price adjustment of the furniture after the holiday, and they are all tempted by the discounts given by the New Year's Day store.

Insiders pointed out that this year's Lunar New Year's Day comes early, New Year's Day is the end of the last consumption before the Spring Festival, each store is in the "hot fight" through a variety of promotional activities, fight performance, fight popularity, earn more for the store The influence and appeal.

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