Beijing's first public rental housing home product selection model

Zou Jinsong, executive deputy director of the Beijing Housing Insurance Office, recently revealed to the newspaper that Beijing has listed the timetable for the construction of affordable housing in 2012: it will start construction and purchase 160,000 sets of various types of affordable housing. 70,000 sets of rooms.

Beijing's first public rental housing home product selection model

Link to the details: Beijing public rental housing first sun furniture home appliance menu (Figure)

The reporter was informed that before the end of 2012, the Beijing Investment Center will build 50,000 sets of affordable housing, the comprehensive credit will reach 100 billion yuan, the financing amount will reach 26 billion yuan, and the 6,000 sets of public rental housing will be completed. Beijing Investment Center is in June this year, Beijing set up an investment center to solve the bottleneck problem encountered in the development of affordable housing construction in Beijing, as a platform for investment and financing, construction acquisition and operation management in Beijing.

At present, the comprehensive credit line of the Beijing Investment Center has reached 75 billion yuan, and the first bank loan of 500 million yuan has been used for project construction. The first phase of the 5 billion yuan private placement bond issued by the Beijing State-owned Capital Management Center has been issued and has supported 8 projects. The 2 billion yuan private placement bond fund of the Beijing Investment Center as the main body of the issuance will soon be in place.

According to people familiar with the matter, despite the relatively good progress of the Beijing Investment Center, the bottleneck of public rental housing financing in Beijing is still highlighted under the tightening of monetary policy. Take the example of the public rental housing project of the Beijing Investment Center, which is the first public rental housing project. The public rental housing project is mainly one-bedroom and two-bedroom, with rents of about 1,900 yuan and 2,800 yuan per month. However, in the later operation process, the rent recovered by the project is only enough to pay the loan interest and part of the operation and management expenses. The interest required to pay per square meter per month for the oceanic landscape is about 38 yuan.

According to the investment center's forecast, if the progress is smooth, the Oceanic and Landscape Project will reach the balance of payments in only 17 years. But the risk is that the project may encounter a large area of ​​rent arrears.

In order to allow residents to “rent” more satisfactorily, the Beijing Investment Center pioneered the self-selection model of household products in the Yuanyang Yishan Water Public Rental Housing Project. They provided 11 kinds of indoor furniture and 4 kinds of household appliances. Tenants can be based on their own economic conditions. Personal preference. Liu Zhiyu, deputy general manager of the Beijing Investment Center, also revealed that their other idea is to set up canteens and public laundry rooms in public rental projects according to the actual situation to meet the various needs of tenants.

Zou Jinsong said that in 2012, Beijing will also strive to innovate in the construction of affordable housing and gradually solve practical problems. “The first is to innovate in land use, such as encouraging the construction of public rental housing on rural collective land, which can change the urban and rural landscape and increase the sustainable income of farmers. The second is to innovate in financing. In the context of tightening monetary policy, It is necessary to innovate financial products and solve financing problems. It is hoped that relevant financial institutions will support the innovation pilot project of REITs. The third is that with the public rental housing entering the market one after another, the post-operation management tasks are getting heavier and heavier, and Beijing needs to supervise the management of innovation. Ways to ensure social fairness and justice."

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