Beverage bottle suitable for hot water temperature analysis

Will you use used beverage bottles as drinking glasses? Do you know which plastic containers take hot water to release toxic carcinogens? In fact, each plastic container has a small ID card - a triangular symbol, usually at the bottom of the plastic container. There are 1 to 7 digits inside the triangle. Each number represents a kind of plastic container. They are made of different materials and there are different taboos on the use.

"1" PET: Mineral Water Bottle, Carbonated Beverage Bottle

Beverage bottle do not use hot water circulation

Use: heat-resistant to 70 °C, only suitable for warm drinks or frozen drinks, high temperature liquids, or heating is easy to deformation, there are substances harmful to the human body melted. Moreover, scientists have discovered that after 10 months of use, plastic No. 1 may release the carcinogen DEHP, which is toxic to the testis.

Therefore, drink bottles, etc., should be discarded after they are used up. Do not use them as drinking glasses, or use them as storage containers to carry other items, so as not to cause health problems.

"2nd" HDPE: Cleaning Products, Bath Products

Incomplete cleaning is not recommended for recycling

Use: Can be reused after careful cleaning, but these containers are usually not well cleaned, leaving the original cleaning products, become a hotbed of bacteria, you better not to recycle.

“No. 3” PVC: It is rarely used for food packaging

It is best not to buy

Use: This kind of material is easy to produce harmful substances at high temperature. Even during the manufacturing process, it will be released. After toxic substances enter the body with food, it may cause diseases such as breast cancer and newborn birth defects. At present, the container for this material is already relatively small for packaging foods. Never use it if it is in use.

"4th" LDPE: cling film, plastic film, etc.

Do not wrap the plastic wrap around the food surface into the microwave oven

Use: The heat resistance is not strong, usually, the qualified PE cling film will appear hot melting phenomenon when the temperature exceeds 110°C, which will leave some plastic preparations that the human body cannot decompose. In addition, food wrapped in cling film heats the fat in the food and dissolves the harmful substances in the cling film. Therefore, when the food is in the microwave, it is necessary to remove the wrapped plastic wrap.

"No. 5" PP: microwave oven lunch box

When in the microwave, remove the lid

Use: The only plastic box that can be placed in the microwave oven, which can be reused after careful cleaning. Need special attention, some microwave lunch boxes, boxes are indeed made of No. 5 PP, but the lid is made of No. 1 PE, because the PE can not withstand high temperatures, it can not be put together with the box into the microwave oven. To be on the safe side, remove the lid before placing the container in the microwave oven.

"6" PS: bowl of instant noodles, fast food box

Do not use microwave oven to cook instant noodles

Use: It is heat-resistant and cold-resistant, but it cannot be put into a microwave oven to avoid releasing chemicals due to high temperature. And can not be used to take a strong acid (such as orange juice), a strong alkaline substance, because it will break down the body of polystyrene is not good, easy to cause cancer. Therefore, you should try to avoid packing hot foods with fast food boxes.

"7th" PC other categories: kettles, cups, bottles

PC case of heat release bisphenol A

Use: A material that is used in large quantities, especially in baby bottles, because it contains bisphenol A and is controversial. Lin Hanhua, associate professor of biology and chemistry at City University of Hong Kong, said that theoretically, as long as bisphenol A is converted into plastic structure in the process of making PC, it means that the product is completely free of bisphenol A, let alone released. However, if there is a small amount of bisphenol A plastic structure that does not convert to PC, it may be released into food or drink. Therefore, be careful to use caution when using this plastic container.

Cleaning measures against bisphenol A

Residues of bisphenol A in the PC, the higher the temperature, the more the release, the faster the speed. Therefore, you should not use PC water bottles to hold hot water, so as not to increase the release rate and concentration of BPA (if any). If your kettle has a number 7, the following methods can reduce the risk:

● Do not heat during use.

● Do not use a dishwasher or a dishwasher to clean the kettle.

● Do not let the jug in direct sunlight.

● Before using for the first time, wash with baking soda powder and warm water, and naturally dry at room temperature. Because bisphenol A releases more during the first use and long-term use.

● If there is any fall or damage to the container, it is recommended to stop using it because the surface of the plastic product will have tiny pits and bacteria.

● Avoid repeated use of old plastic appliances.
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