Blanket maintenance tips

Blanket because of light aging, heat aging hot spots. Blanket application black paper package after purchase. Store in a cool place. After a period of time after printing. The blanket will have accumulated paper, paper powder, ink and other dirt. Will reduce the quality of prints. So blankets should be cleaned in time. Especially when printing paper with low surface strength. The accumulation of paper and paper powder is even more serious. Therefore, it must be cleaned more often. When cleaning the blanket. Should use more volatile organic solvents as detergents. 4. The rubber with slow evaporation of kerosene or other solvents can easily swell the blanket. Wash and dry the blanket when washing. No residue. Remnants are easily oxidized on the one hand. To prematurely age the blanket. On the other hand, when the traces continue to print other products. The initial stage is prone to uneven ink. After a product is printed. If the downtime is longer. Releasable blanket tensioner. Relax blankets. Get internal stress recovery opportunities. Play an active role in preventing stress relaxation.

The above related issues are handled well. The issue of paper blankets in lithography can be basically solved.

Author: Department of Printing and Packaging, Wuhan University

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