Brief introduction of working principle of fabric screen printing adhesive system

In the printing process, most of the screen printing of the fabric requires the use of various adhesives, the purpose of which is to firmly control the printing material on the printing cylinder. Because fabrics are flexible, two different colors are required to be screen-printed so that they cannot move. If movement occurs, the image area printed on the fabric cannot be registered.
In the use of adhesives, the traditional and now most common method is the use of aerosol cans - this method is easy to use and has a lower unit cost. Users can choose to use an oil-based and water-based hybrid adhesive system.
How fabric binders work Fabric binders, whether air-soluble or hybrid, consist of three main components: a solid binder, a vaporizable solvent as a carrier, and a propellant. The nebulizer is usually a compressed petroleum gas (propane, liquefied petroleum gas, etc.), and in a hybrid system it is compressed gas; the adhesive and carrier solvent are forced through a nozzle onto the work surface.
Air-Solvent Aerosol Adhesives Air-soluble binders come in different types, solid compositions, spray types, and sizes.
Hybrid Adhesive Systems Hybrid adhesives include two main types: oil-based solvents and water-based solvents. The hybrid system can be operated by operating a king-controlled spray gun or an automated full-drum sprayer mounted on the press.
The biggest obstacle to using a hybrid adhesive is the startup cost. The price range of the equipment ranges from a minimum of $250 per unit with a spray gun system to up to $2,500 per machine with a complex automation system. However, depending on the type of system and the hybrid adhesive system used, the payback period ranges from 3 months to 16 months; in the survey, one of the best ROIs comes from companies that they buy The three most expensive systems were adapted to their automated presses; within four months they relied on the cost reduction of adhesives and the dramatic increase in productivity to recover costs.

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