Bright eyes ignore eye care, you look good

Ignore eye care conditions, dark circles

The so-called "black circles" actually have two colors, one is cyan dark circles, this is because the venous blood of the microvessels is retained; the other is brown dark circles, which are caused by melanin production and metabolism, two dark circles The reasons for this are completely different. The black and black eye circles usually occur in the age of 20, and it is especially difficult to avoid people with abnormal working schedules. The blood flow rate in the microvessels is slow, the blood volume is increased, the oxygen consumption is increased, and the hypoxic hemoglobin is greatly increased. The skin appears dark blue. Because there are many microvessels around the eyes, factors such as lack of sleep, eye fatigue, stress, anemia, etc., can cause congestion and edema around the eyes. The cause of black eye circles is closely related to the increase of age. Long-term sun exposure causes pigmentation in the eye area. Over time, it will form lingering dark circles. In addition, the melanin metabolism caused by blood retention is slow, and the skin is too dry. It will lead to the formation of brown dark circles.

Ignore eye care conditions, eye bags

The eye bags are the lower eyelids and edema. Because the skin of the eyelids is very thin, the subcutaneous tissue is thin and loose, and edema is easy to occur. Genetics is an important factor, and it becomes more and more obvious with age. In addition, kidney disease, pregnancy, lack of sleep or fatigue can cause eye fluid accumulation to form eye bags. This phenomenon is easy to make people look old. At the same time, ensure adequate sleep, drink less water before going to sleep, and properly raise the pillow, so that the water that is easy to accumulate in the eyelids is dispersed through the blood circulation; often gently massage the eyelids, through the movement of muscles to promote blood circulation; Wash your face before massage and apply proper amount of massage cream; eat more carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, animal liver, beans and other foods rich in vitamin A and vitamin B2 to balance the body's nutritional structure.

Ignore eye care conditions, eye edema

The skin of the eyelids is very thin, and the subcutaneous tissue is thin and slack, which is prone to eye swelling. Sleep is not enough, sleep quality is not good; drink too much water before going to bed; pillows are too low, so that the water that is easy to accumulate on the eyelids is evacuated through blood circulation. Therefore, you should always massage your eyelids, which is good for blood circulation.

Ignore eye care conditions, dry lines

Usually, the corners of the eyes are dry. When there is no expression, there is no grain in the corners of the eyes. It is enough to use the eye cream with hydrating function for dry lines.

Ignore eye care conditions, crow's feet

It is due to the decrease of neuroendocrine function, the decrease of protein synthesis rate, the decrease or loss of fibroblast activity in the dermis, the decrease and breakage of collagen fibers, the decrease of skin elasticity, the increase of wrinkles in the eyes, and the sun, dryness, cold, and excessive water temperature. Rich expression, smoking, etc. cause the elasticity of fibrous tissue to decrease.

Ignore eye care conditions, fine lines

Women after the age of 25 are prone to occur. They are deeper than dry lines, so they need to use moisturizing eye creams, such as vitamin E, UV-containing filters, and eye creams that prevent skin aging. Environmental factors such as smoking, staying up late, long-term air-conditioned space, rich facial expression and long-term exposure to the sun, etc., will affect the normal metabolism of the skin, which will cause the appearance of fine lines.

Ignore eye care conditions, expression lines

Not only in the corners of the eyes, as long as the expression, there will be many places on the face. To remove expression lines, you need to use an anti-wrinkle ingredient that tightens the skin and effectively supports the skin system. Eye creams containing ingredients such as collagen and elastin can increase the tissue density of the skin.

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