Celebrity is not old secret, luxury skin care products TOP11

Whether it is Taiwan’s socialite Sun Hao, Hong Kong’s celebrity Wan Bao, or the mainland’s famous lady Tan Xuejing, they are always dressed in a generous manner, elegant in style and exquisite in makeup! Although they are among the characters who have become mothers, their beauty It seems that it has not passed because of the increase of years. Therefore, their skin care and maintenance tips are what many girls care about and inquire about. Here we have carefully assembled 11 luxury skin care products that are loved by ladies and gentlemen. Let's take a look at the secrets of the ladies.

Le Penny loves platinum cream

Reference Price: ¥10000/50ml

Comments: Colloidal platinum ingredients are the secret behind this record-breaking cream price. Colloidal platinum maintains the charge balance of the skin, recharges the skin, moisturizes and protects the skin. At the same time, it also adds a variety of active essences and patented living cell extracts, which is like a luxurious feast, so that the skin is always in an ideal state.

Heathley's Night Repairing Serum

Reference Price: ¥5000/50ml

Comments: Another expensive brand of the new lady brand. Designed for night care, it contains the latest discoveries in the fields of time biology, genetics and skin physiology. The 12-hour long-acting concentrated essence patent formula combines 4 kinds of high-efficiency plant active ingredients to restart the natural skin care system of young skin and help the skin. Respond to a young state.

TOP3. Guerlain Royal Orchid Ultimate Repair Cream

Reference Price: ¥3500/50ml

  Comments: A star product with legendary reputation. The new generation of Royal Orchids in the upgrade formula not only retains the original potential for anti-aging, but also incorporates six key vitality mechanisms against various skin aging phenomena. It also has the ability to "start the cell rejuvenation mechanism" to help the skin. All-round aging to rejuvenate and rejuvenate youth.

Dior Ningshi Jinyan Nourishing Cream

Reference price: ¥ 3200/

Comments: A unique nourishing cream that combines two active ingredients extracted from the Ivy wine vines: the vine regeneration buds with antioxidant and renewing effects, and the beeswax ingredients that nourish and smooth the skin. Inject life into life.

Chanel luxury essence revitalizing light cream

Reference price: 3190/50ml

Comments: As a new addition to the luxury collection, this cream also contains the core ingredient of the collection – the May vanilla PFA from Madagascar. This breakthrough ingredient has a super-regenerating and activating function that awakens all vital functions of the skin and gives the skin a luxurious and beautiful enjoyment.

Helena's ultimate beauty sublimation essence

Reference Price: ¥2980/40ml

Comments: The top skin care brand and the world's first "interventional anti-aging beauty products" launched by the top plastic surgery and beauty medicine center in Switzerland, the unique "mesodermal peeling formula" is like a cup of nutritious cocktail, bringing beauty and plastic surgery Anti-aging effect.

TOP7. Sea Blue Mystery Cream

Reference Price: ¥2600/60ml

Comments: This legendary cream with many star users can be described as the brand's "treasure of the town". Containing the unique bio-fermentation technology extracted from the deep sea giant algae's magical active essence and a variety of natural nutrients, it has excellent repair, regeneration, moisturizing effect, and rejuvenates the skin from the inside out.

Lancome Pure Pure Day Cream

Reference Price: ¥2580/50ml

Comments: A luxury anti-aging work designed for mature skin. Based on the major breakthroughs in branded stem cell research for many years, the combination of the basal reconstruction system and the Zhuoyan molecule effectively improves the stem cell environment, re-energizes the skin's self-regeneration potential, and gently erases the traces of the years.

TOP9. Estee Lauder Platinum Series Nourishing Cream

Reference Price: ¥2500/50ml

Comments: The Platinum series, which has more than 50 years of history, is the initiator of the "Heavenly Cream." This new Platinum collection combines rare Boswellia extracts, resveratrol, gelatin gold, and South Sea pearls with 56 rare ingredients from around the world to instantly brighten the skin while lifting and tightening the skin. Reshape the perfect skin.

ARTISTRY 臻 焕 焕 焕

Reference price: ¥ 1998/45ml

Comments: This product, nicknamed "Time Cream", breaks through the creation of the "Quaternary Vitality Repair System", injecting four precious revitalizing energies into the skin, promoting the synthesis of the skin's inner youth energy and inspiring the skin's new life. Among them, the key ingredient that has emerged for the first time, Zhuoneng Activated Lipid, has a price comparable to that of gold and is extremely precious.

Shiseido Yuewei Pure Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizer

Reference Price: ¥1580/40ml

Comments: The star of the brand's top care series. Through the new interaction with the female hormones in the body, it strongly promotes the production of collagen fibers in the skin of female hormones and restores skin elasticity. At the same time, it wakes up the dormant cells and enhances the collagen fiber network from the cell level, so that the skin can reproduce beautiful and firm.

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