Chaozhou: unscrupulous traders, wine bottles, and inferior wines were investigated.

A few days ago, the Chaozhou City Economic and Trade Bureau received a telephone call and said that it was located in the urban and rural junction near the Fengchun Road in the urban area. Law enforcement officers rushed to the scene after receiving the report. It was found that a group of hard liquors of a certain brand was found in a family home, amounting to as many as 800 bottles. After the personnel who contacted the brand winery went to the appraisal, they confirmed that the goods were fake wines and were filled with bottles of shoddy wine and shoddy. As a result, the law enforcement officers immediately seized the goods in accordance with the law and eliminated the manufacturing and selling of fake wine litter. Filling bad wine into famous wine bottles, repackaging and selling them... Chaozhou Trade and Industry Bureau discovered a number of incidents of shoddy and unlicensed liquor during the recent special inspection of the wine market. And timely disposal in accordance with the law, so as to effectively prevent fake liquor and liquor into the market to prevent consumers from being harmed.

During the inspection, the Municipal Economic and Trade Bureau adopted measures such as carpet-based inventory, stepped-up inspections, and supervision of key positions to severely investigate and deal with illegal activities such as the sale of counterfeit and inferior liquor products, strictly control access to the liquor market, and gradually standardize the alcohol market.

So far, the Chaozhou Municipal Bureau of Trade and Industry has mobilized 156 law enforcement officers, investigated and dealt with and confiscated a large number of counterfeit and inferior liquor products according to law, investigated and dealt with 14 license-free businesses, ordered 12 rectifications, and punished 7 cases. According to reports, the New Year's Day Municipal Economic and Trade Bureau will also organize personnel to focus on the recent demolition of fake wine and liquor, and will further intensify inspections before the Spring Festival, to do a good job in the supervision of the alcohol circulation market. The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Economic and Trade Bureau also reminded consumers to purchase alcoholic products and go to the alcohol business establishments where the licenses are complete. If counterfeiting is found, please call 2120326 to report it.

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What are Circular Jumbo Bags?

The Tubular Bag design is one of the most commonly used in flat packaging. This consists of a single piece of fabric which is made into a cylindrical shape and the two edges stitched together. The top and bottom panels can either be sealed or flat panels attached to both sides, thus forming a cylindrical bag.
What are the advantages of Tubular Bags?

Tubular jumbo bags have several advantages for various applications. With the cylindrical design there are no seams at the broad side of the bag. These bags are easier to make and are more cost-effective for purchase as well.

Tubular jumbo bags can efficiently carry materials weighing till3,500 lb.

What are Circular jumbo bags used for?

Tubular jumbo bags have many industrial uses. As the tubular shape is devoid of any seams these bags are ideal for carrying fine materials without putting in a liner for insulation.

Tubular jumbo bags are most commonly used for storing and transporting very fine and sifted materials, such as wheat, flour or carbon.

Circular jumbo bags

Circular Jumbo Bag

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