Chen Qiaoen teaches you how to make yourself more beautiful

In an interview with Chen Qiaoen, Chen Qiaoen said, "If a person wants to be beautiful, it is often first of all a change from the heart, become very confident, plus decent dress, then your voice, words and deeds. It also makes people feel comfortable. Of course, I hope that others will see that I am a smart, tasteful and well-educated woman, not just a beautiful woman."

Then, in dressing up, of course, there is no need for makeup assistance, but in most people's concept, cosmetics often have great damage to the skin. Ikalu poetry make-up of perilla is a powerful medicinal. Plant, edible, anti-aging SOD content of up to 106.2 micrograms per milligram of perilla leaves. At the same time of makeup, we can fully protect our skin, let our skin not be hurt, and also be our beauty skin care products!

The 8 seats golf carts our factory produce with gas and battery power,it can be with lights or without lights systems,without lights systems are mainly for golf course,have different colors for you forest green,white, style  incluce EZGO ,YAMAHA,CLUB CARtype, the extra options like rear flip seat,rain cover,,sun shade cover,music player,alloy rim,,ect are all available as your requirements, it widly used fortouring,park,etc, the motor we use is 4kw Ac Or 3kw Dc, battery is 150ah,6 cells 8 volt deep cycle storage battery that with the max range over 100kms for each charge, battery lifespan is up to 800 tims recharge cycles, we also accept all kinds of OEM services for our golf carts.

8 Seaters Golf Cart

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