Classical music is better for fitness

Do you think that you are not good at exercising in the gym? This may be related to the background music played during exercise. The British neurologist Jack Lewis found that compared to fast-paced modern dance music, playing classical music during exercise helps promote exercise because it lowers the body's stress hormone cortisol levels.


Lewis is an independent consultant and is entrusted by the music website to study the relationship between listening to music and exercise before and after exercise. He said that playing classical music during exercise is more relaxing.

The British "Daily Mail" quoted him on the 21st as saying: "The cheerful music helps to increase the speed, strength and durability of the exercise, but the relaxing qualities of classical music help slow down the heart rate, lower blood pressure and exercise load during exercise. Studies have also shown that relaxed music can reduce stress hormone cortisol levels."

Previous studies have shown that proper catharsis can keep blood pressure low, and stress hormone cortisol is less secreted. If people are in fear or frustration, they will secrete more stress hormones.

Lewis said: "The choice of music is very personal. It may come from a movie you like, or remind you of a joyous vacation with your friends. Studies have shown that when you hear sweet music, brain movement The frontal cortex has become active, and this area is related to movement planning."

Experts recommend

Lewis said: "The vibrant but fast-paced classical music is the ideal background music for the gym... I recommend the fourth movement of Beethoven's Fourth Symphony."

The fourth symphony was written by Beethoven in 1806 during the creation of the fifth symphony, the destiny symphony. This symphony in B flat major is bright and cheerful, vibrant and energetic, romantic and poetic. The fourth symphony is divided into four movements. The fourth movement fully demonstrates the vitality of youth in the fast playing and flying melody.

Lewis also suggested using rhythmically matched or slightly faster background music during exercise. For example, he said that the American late pop singer Michael Jackson's "Dance with You" is suitable for heartbeat at 116 beats per minute, which is the heartbeat just after warming up. When the heart beat reaches about 140 beats per minute, the fourth movement of Beethoven's Fourth Symphony is more appropriate. When the workout reaches full speed, ie, the heart rate reaches around 180 per minute, the English rap singer Tenny Tampa's "fainting" may be able to provide you with more motivation.

At the end of the exercise, the beautiful soul of the late American country singer Johnny Cash can help you calm down.

Adjuvant treatment

Lewis said: "Classical music is very interesting and exists more than any other kind of music. Hundreds of outstanding composers create a variety of emotions in the hearts of the audience."

Previous studies have shown that music can reduce stress, increase the motor function of people with neurological impairments, and increase people's tolerance to pain. Italian scientists have discovered that classical music can affect the human cardiovascular system. The researchers selected 24 healthy volunteers, showed them 5 classical music, and monitored their blood pressure, cerebral arterial flow, respiration, and subcutaneous vasoconstriction when volunteers listened to music. The results showed that the increasing intensity of the music was exciting, leading to the subcutaneous vasoconstriction, blood pressure increase, heart rate and respiration of the volunteers, and the degree of change was proportional to the degree of fading; after the music was paused, their heartbeat and respiration slowed and blood pressure decreased. At times, it is even lower than the original level; the weaker part of the sound is relaxing and the heart rate is slowing down.

Researchers hope that music can play a role in the rehabilitation of patients with heart disease and stroke.

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