Common defects and solutions in rotary grinding

(1) Sharpened face burns

Common situation: lighter - sharpening surface is yellow rust; heavier - sharpening surface is blue; heavy - sharpening surface is black; the heaviest - sharpening surface cracking.

Reasons: 1. The sand of the grinding wheel has high hardness and the particle size is too fine; 2. The sand is not clean and has the phenomenon of scum; 3. The grinding wheel has too much grinding amount per stroke; 4. The cooling liquid is not enough or stops in the middle. 5, the grinding wheel suddenly stops on the sharpening surface, it is easy to cause the grinding wheel to scrape on the sharpening surface. When the grinding wheel is restarted again, it is easy to cause the sharpening surface burn or the cutter and the grinding wheel to be damaged.

(2) Blade wave type

Reasons: 1. The sharpening of the sharpening surface generated during the operation of the rotary cutter is sharpened without correction, resulting in less grinding of the concave portion and more grinding at the convex portion; 2. When the sharpening is performed, the number of the pressing blocks is insufficient or the pressing force is uneven, resulting in The rotary cutter is not unevenly mounted on the tool holder of the sharpening machine; 3. The tool holder rail and the four rollers of the sharpening machine have poor processing precision, or uneven wear and are not straight.

(3) The cutting edge is curved

Reasons: 1. The grinding machine guide rail is not straight; 2. The sharpening machine tool holder is not straight; 2. The sharpening knife is not correct.

(4) The finish of the sharpening surface does not meet the requirements

Reasons: 1. The grinding amount is too large; 2. The grinding wheel is too thick.

(5) The knife edge is not sharp

Cause: A row of very thin "fine hairs" that did not wear to the edge of the knife stopped the sharpening.

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