Common sense of “fishing” (7): “Skillful” equipment for fishing on the mountain stream

The river fishing is “favoring the scenery” and is interested in nature and integrates itself into the scenery of Castle Peak. However, if you want to make the best of the river fishing, you must be prepared to get it at the time of the river fishing.

"Fast and good foot service, playing a gun for a place" is the characteristics of the river fishing. According to this feature, the fishing equipment should work hard on the word “skillful” and proceed from the following three aspects:


The principle of the river fishing dress is "fully armed". The body is covered tightly and "three defenses" (anti-snake, anti-bee, and stab-proof) are performed. Wear a sunhat and long sleeves. The jacket is generally strong, wear-resistant, stab-resistant hanging; the same pants should be strong, wear-resistant, stab-resistant hanging. After entering the mountains, it is safer to buckle the button.

Keeping locality is a major feature of fishing. The suitability of shoes and socks directly affects the "sentiment" of the river fishing.

In contrast to the river, sometimes there is no way to speak, sometimes walking in the rugged earth and stone, and sometimes walking through the thorny bushes, and sometimes jumping up and down on the rocks in the river. This requires the footwear to be as soft and comfortable as possible to reduce unnecessary annoyances. It is better to wear high-top rubber shoes; it makes the bowl not exposed, and can prevent snakes, insects, scratches and scratches. It is not easy to get into the sundries, it is not easy to sprain the ankle, and it is easy to walk.

With such "dressing", you can easily walk in the mountains without any worries.

Fishing tackle

Stream fishing is based on the principle of short, small and light. You can use it according to the water conditions and your own habits. If there is a large water stream and a lot of streams, it can be equipped with a small jellyfish or a sandpiper. Sometimes fishing can be done without fishing, as long as it is wired and hooked, bamboo or reeds near the mountain stream are good fishing rods.

Regardless of whether it is an alpine valley or a flat stream, the most common method of fishing is water fishing. In the area where the water potential is gentle or there are many lakes, static fishing can be used. The method of using the water fishing method is different from the method of the static water fishing. The characteristics of the flow label are short, thick and small, and this must be taken into account when working with the fishing group.

Mountain brook fishing, to prepare more pairs of fishing lines and hooks. There are two reasons: First, it is easy for the fishing group to hang on the branches; second, it is easy to hang the bottom.


There are backpacks, flashlights, watches, knives, matches, rain gear, water, small kits, and other small items that are indispensable for fishing.

The backpack is the main object of the brook fishing. It is loaded with all the "wholesale" when fishing. The rucksack should be strong, and rucksacks should be good. They are not afraid of hanging from the branches and are of moderate size. The backpack has more pockets and special bags for easy searching.

Stream fishing is often early and late. Bring a flashlight, you can avoid the pain of the dark night. The knife is a good assistant in your mountain stream and a good tool for the picnic.

When it rains, you know the importance of rain gear.

Small kits are indispensable, and should be equipped with alcohol, red medicine, band-aids, wind-oil, tape, sewing needles (thorn punctures into the skin, it can come in handy) and so on.

If you have a small telescope, you may wish to bring it. When you rest in the mountain stream, you may find strange birds. When you take out your telescope to observe, it is also a very pleasant thing.

If you have the opportunity, you also "armed" yourself and walk into the mountain stream to experience the ambition of "the number of people who come from the river, the number of people who come from the forest, and the depth of the forest."

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