Comprehensive understanding of prepress technology

What are the pros and cons, the left and right wheels, and the wheel of heaven and earth before printing?

Positive and negative edition: A single card has AB sides, A and B are each a separate edition for positive and negative editions;

Left and right rounds: A left B right side row of a version of the left and right rounds;

World round: A round on the bottom of a total of a version of the world wheel;


The pros and cons of 1 is the two editions, one is positive and the other is the opposite....

2. The left and right rounds are also called self-reviewed editions.

3. The wheel of heaven and earth, the paper is used as a mouthpiece, one on top of the other, head-to-head or foot-to-foot.

It is customary to say that if it is the imposition, it is the difference between positive and negative printing, self-turnover, and rolling over.
Imposing and opening We will not always do regular prints such as 16K and 8K in our work. In particular, packing boxes and small cards (certificates of certification) are often not compatible. This time we need to make impositions. When you pay attention to the finished product as much as possible within the appropriate range of paper opening, in order to save costs.

1, first introduce the formal imposition

Take the generous 16K cover as an example: (demonstration software: CD8). According to the needs of printing (such as the number) and the limitations of the printing plant equipment 8K machine, 4K machine, the boot, the whole Zhang machine is different, we have to make different adjustments according to the actual situation, usually fight 8K or 4K is enough Use, because in the open and fully open printing presses can be used to set the sun, apply the sun, and through the self-turnover or positive and negative printing to solve.

In the example, the bleeding edge was 3mm. Spell 8K (Side and Shoulder), page size (pictured), bleeding edge (yellow), net size (blue)

Fight 4K (head to head), page size (pictured), bleeding edge (yellow), net size (blue)
2. One-page print

At the middle of the imposition (vertical midline), the splicing section leaves 6 mm of bleeding edge, ie, 3 mm of bleeding is left on each side of each single page (two cuts are needed).

Note: If you do not have bleeding prints, shading, or full color shading, you can use the 1 method to make imposition.
3, the imposition of the envelope

In general production, we are accustomed to the jacket together with the "tongue" together, this approach is more paper (a blank does not use), but the pattern is good continuity.
There is also a way to cover the front cover. The "tongue" is done alone. This saves paper, but there is one more "paste", that is, scraping the glue once (or multiplying a double-sided tape) in the finished product. The green part of the figure is the pasted part.
4, box imposition

General large box (more than 8K) do not make imposition, directly to the printing plant sets drying on it.

Here's a brief description of the small package imposition.

As far as possible on the premise of combining, to make the imposition work to be the most compact, but the box involves more posterior process, rolling box (cut the edge and press the crease line) is the most critical, then you need to pay attention to when the imposition The distance between the two most recent edges is not less than 3mm, otherwise it will be very troublesome when arranging the knife, which will affect the product quality.

After you have completed the imposition (accepted by the customer's signature), it is best to produce an original large-format knife film to facilitate the printer's row knife.
5, business card cards

An ally who may be engaged in typing and copying as a business card has such experience. One business card makes eight business cards on paper and then cuts it out with a cutter. In fact, this is a waste of money. My experience is that a business card paper can be used to make 10 business cards (as shown below) without the use of a card cutter. If the number is small, you can use a ruler and a knife. If the quantity is large, you can borrow a printing card. The paper cutter is very convenient and very economical. If you only do one or two boxes of business cards, which are just colored, and you have exactly one envelope in your hands, then use the blank space of the envelope.

6, tag cards and stickers, etc.

Annoying things. However, there is no difficulty. Be careful and calculate the size. Divided into three categories:

(1) One cut (without bleeding), similar to a business card, where the entire outermost edge needs bleeding;

(2) Two-knife cut (with bleeding)

(3) Box rolling, drilling, rounding (requires row cutters, spelling the same as 2)

(4) Mixed spellings can be mixed in the same layout if the number is required to be proportional.
7, the following to recommend a friend with a beginner CD a common edge line drawing method, very practical, should have been sent to the vector section, but because of this and posted a very relevant, it was made here.
(1) use hand-painted tools, press the Ctrl key, draw a straight line segment (hair) in the upper left corner of the page, and change the size of 3mm;
(2) Ctrl+A (alignment and distribution), D, T, L; [Note: The above version is Alt+A+A (the way to open the menu), the same below
(3) Change the x coordinate to 3, and tap the numeric keypad + number (the rightmost of the keyboard) to copy a line;
(4) Change the x coordinate to 6, and group the two line segments;
(5) Press + again to copy and rotate 90 degrees;
(6) Respectively reduce the x, y axis coordinates by 3, a group of corner lines has been completed, and then copy this group of corner lines and press the + key to copy, and then horizontally mirror (7) Ctrl+A, D, R, At this point do not need to use T, the graphics for the horizontal movement;
(8) Select two sets of corner lines, press + to duplicate, and mirror vertically;
(9) Ctrl+A, D, B, corner lines completed.
(10) Don't forget to add CMYK color at the end

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