Cooking bag: no aluminum foil, microwaveable

The unique feature of Wornick's steamed, self-supporting pouch package for its Asian-style convenience foods is that the entire bag does not have a foil layer and can therefore be packaged and microwaved together.

The packaging is provided by Alcan, which uses a transparent, high-barrier, Ceramis silica coating, a polypropylene seal, and a layer of 8-color flexo-back printed polyester. After the entire bag has been filled, sealed, and cooked, there is a shelf-life at room temperature for one year. The consumer can open the package with scissors or a blade.

This packaging was launched in October 2004. There are four flavors in the series, sweet and sour chicken, Sichuan chicken, braised beef and slender rice. The entire product can be microwaved together with the packaging. Rice products cost around $1.97-$2.49 and meat products sell for $3.29-$3.99.

Don Leifer, vice president of marketing at Wornick, pointed out that these cooking bags cost more than aluminum foil barriers, and the shelf life of finished products is relatively short. "But microwave heating is its advantage," he added. "The package allows consumers to fully enjoy the convenience of convenience foods."

Wornick's packaging bag, all materials are from the United States, do not need to purchase abroad. Leifer said, "Because of this, our supply chain is relatively stable and efficient."

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