Counterfeit goods disrupted the price of home textiles by the core market "Li Gui"

Recently, when we asked about the most troublesome things for enterprises, many entrepreneurs talked about the counterfeit products in the home textile market. This is a commonplace, but always like the worst of the ills, lingering. The new feature of the old problem is that counterfeit products are more authentic and difficult to distinguish, which makes people more sad.

Counterfeit goods disrupt market prices

When interviewing Sun Fengqin, the chairman of Inner Mongolia Xinlong Anti-cold Products Factory, she said to us more than 70 years ago: “Fake products have seriously affected the cashmere market.” Cashmere is characterized by breathability, softness and warmth, which is very helpful for sleep. “Most of the raw materials used in real cashmere quilts should be produced in Inner Mongolia, especially cashmere, because the production of cashmere in Inner Mongolia accounts for 60% of the world. In addition, the price of cashmere is very expensive, only 950,000 raw materials. ~1.16 million yuan / ton." Sun Fengqin said.

I have calculated the account, according to the price of cashmere is 1 million yuan / ton, a bed of 2 meters × 2.3 meters of double cashmere quilt weight of 2000 grams, a ton of raw materials can make up to 500 products, that is It is said that the investment of 1 million yuan can produce 500 standard size cashmere quilts, so the price of raw materials per bed is at least 2,000 yuan. “I visited a lot of places and saw that some quilts in the market where the self-filling stuff is cashmere are less than a thousand dollars. It is impossible to buy a real cashmere quilt at this price.” Sun Fengqin said, “This cost is all Not enough. Moreover, the origin of these products is not in Inner Mongolia, and even in the South. If so, the cost of the producers should be higher because more manpower and material resources are needed to acquire raw materials."

"We can't enter the market of some second- and third-tier cities, because the market is not big, and there are all kinds of counterfeit and shoddy products that are sold at low prices. The same is selling cashmere quilts. Our products are several times more expensive than others' products. Consumers will certainly not accept it. Few people will think about why, consumers don't understand the inside story, so they are easily deceived."

Wang Wenyi, chairman of the silkworm maiden, also put forward the same view that counterfeit goods seriously disrupted the market price system. "The silk is covered by the market's 'Li Gui' more than 'Li Wei', especially in the field of group buying." Wang Wenyi showed some helplessness. Group buying is one of the important sales channels of silkworms. Due to the large sales volume and wide spread, many businesses are trying to seize this market. However, some producers are favored by buyers in order to keep prices down, do not hesitate to shoddy, or dope other fibers in silk. Since the core is not visible, many buyers do not know the truth, and only decide whether to purchase by price. Wang Wenyi said: "The worst thing is that counterfeit products and shoddy products will make consumers mistakenly think that the price of the product itself is not high, but the price of the real product is unacceptable. This is true for silk products. Businesses have a great influence and are very unfair.” Indeed, many real-name brands need to spend more time, energy and financial resources to solve this problem, cultivate the market, change the concept of consumers, and dispel their doubts.

Real goods discount is hard to withstand pressure

No one wants to buy counterfeit products. However, when consumers buy, they often fall into the low-price trap. However, if you simply buy the fake products, it is not realistic to choose the most expensive products. Can withstand. Cost-effectiveness becomes the criterion for purchasing products. What kind of product is cost-effective? Consumers are playing their own small abacus in their hearts. "I specialize in buying products with discounted brands. Big brands are guaranteed. Discounted products are not more expensive than small brands." "I will buy them at discounts in shopping malls. All major brands participate in activities. I will shop around to see who I am." More discounts." This is the shopping experience shared by some consumers and the author. Discounts are the helpless choice of brand-name businesses that suffer from fake goods.

“Now, discounted home textile brands are rare. If you don’t discount consumers, you won’t buy them. What’s more, the mall simply doesn’t allow such a situation. Merchants must discount.” Wang Wenyi said, “To be honest, the discounted transaction price. Unsatisfactory, manufacturers and agents can not meet their own interests, so many brands have to first raise the price and then discount, and some businesses have moved to another way - shoddy." Originally Being discounted by fake goods, but because of the inability to withstand pressure, he also embarked on the road of counterfeiting. The price of raw materials is still rising, but the price increase of end products is not as large as the increase of raw materials, and consumers are hard to accept home textile products without discounts, which directly leads to the compression of the profit margin of the merchants. The less the production, the more the production company has no solution. Such a dilemma can be understood, but it must not be tolerant of counterfeit goods, because it will only make the real good products more competitive, make the whole market more chaotic, and fall into a more serious vicious circle.

Leading technology products are better

There is no such thing as a solution. If you want to highlight the encirclement, you can use technology to speak. It is a commonplace to raise the influence of brands. Some brands have also raised their own objections: “The brand history is too short, and it is too difficult to attract consumers with brand culture.” In the world brands, there is a century-old history and high quality like Hermes. Conquering consumers, there is also a history like Microsoft that does not have a long history and wins with technology.

Inner Mongolia Xinlong was originally an ordinary cold-proof product factory invested by several retired veteran cadres, but now it has become a top-grade cashmere and camel quilt enterprise. It is reported that the company is still looking for partners to make Xinlong bigger. Stronger. Why do you want to make the brand bigger? How did the company go today? For these two questions, Sun Fengqin, who is over 70 years old, answered very convincingly: "Several of us have never thought about how much career we should achieve. It is the support of repeat customers and the encouragement of investors. Let us go today. Many people say that it is a pity that we are not big, because our patented inner tube technology has a history of 20 years, and it should be the only inner tube patent in the country, and I only want to provide the best products to consumers."

Originally developed as a patented technology for the production of better products, I did not expect to be the best tool for combating counterfeit products and the largest capital for cooperation negotiations. This is the patent for the invention of the flakes called “The Production and Processing Method of a Fleece Flake Machine”, which allows Xinlong to assure consumers: “Our core can be used for 30 years.” This technology can make the raw materials wash more cleanly. And can ensure that the cleaning process is non-polluting, after the treatment of far-infrared light waves, the inner tube is easier to shape, avoiding the problem of easy running and easy to break. Although the production cost is high, Sun Fengqin said: "I am willing to do even if the company develops slowly. I just want to be a really good product."

The 30-year guarantee is not possible for counterfeit products. The market and time are the best way to test products. Enterprises should also help consumers to identify the authenticity while improving themselves. Even if the difficulties are big, Li Wei will eventually defeat Li Gui.

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