Create a trend front open wardrobe to lead fashion

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Open wardrobe is a modern young generation, especially the 80th and 90th generation of consumers hope to solve the furniture products that realize all functions in a large space. Due to its powerful storage function, the open wardrobe is relatively more avant-garde than the traditional wardrobe.

Open wardrobe

Open wardrobe renderings

Open wardrobe design points: Open wardrobes mostly belong to custom closets, because it is installed according to the size of the room. Generally, the open wardrobes occupy a relatively large room area, giving a more luxurious feeling, and an open wardrobe. The requirements for the quality of the wardrobe are also very high, and the cost is generally not cheap.

Open-style wardrobe decoration points: The decoration points of the open wardrobe, the open-type wardrobe storage clothes are all in an open form, so the clothes are exposed to the outside, there is no privacy, and it is easy to be disorganized and messy. Therefore, the layout of the open wardrobe cabinet must be allocated reasonably.

Space matching: The open wardrobe features can bring light, but in the design, it is also necessary to arrange lighting, color, etc., so that the wardrobe is better coordinated with the overall home decoration style, and at the same time, its own unique The mood is expressed.

The open wardrobe is relatively fashionable in the present, but the requirements for the cleanliness of the workshop will be relatively high. It is necessary to keep the environment clean and tidy, otherwise the whole home environment will be very messy.

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