Crown special Danish style Wang Xiaogang: to create a world-class custom bedroom

New product debut: Noble Bedroom Health System

[Reporter]: Thanks to Mr. Tang for accepting our interview! May I ask Mr. Tang, has this special exhibition brought new products to consumers?

[Wang Xiaogang]: Yes, we are showing new products on the spot, like the latest aristocratic bedroom health system, which is the main product of this exhibition. In addition, there are relatively high-end, solid wood wardrobe products and European-style bookcases and wardrobe products.

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[Reporter]: What kind of style is the main product of Guante?

[Wang Xiaogang]: The main theme is Jane European, but our development direction is very comprehensive, like other French style, Nordic style, Italian style and other products.

[Reporter]: I noticed that there is a very beautiful T-stage in the middle of the exhibition hall. What characteristics does Guante have in the design and product selection of this exhibition hall?

Wang Xiaogang, Manager of Crown Style Danish Market

[Wang Xiaogang]: This T-stage is set up for our new brand launch conference. We will have a model catwalk in the future, which is intended to show the characteristics of our new image through the beautiful home model. The design also fully combines Guan Ting's consistent atmosphere, exquisite and natural image; we always adhere to the intuitive embodiment of the product's simple and environmentally friendly performance.

[Reporter]: Nowadays, consumers are increasingly demanding environmental protection. What efforts does Guante have in this regard?

[Wang Xiaogang]: We first have strict control over the procurement channels of raw materials. Guante’s consistent claim is to make low-carbon and environmentally friendly products and bring healthy environmentally friendly products to thousands of households, so when we are purchasing Special attention is paid to environmental performance indicators. In particular, the target of our procurement is always the European E0 grade products. Now you see the products that are 20% higher than the European environmental protection standard E0.

[Reporter]: I believe that the standards for environmental protection of household products are getting higher and higher. Every consumer is happy to see it. What kind of harvest do you hope to have in this wardrobe exhibition?

[Wang Xiaogang]: First of all, I hope to recommend high-end solid wood customized products to consumers. In addition, it is the upgrade concept of Guante brand image. In the later stage of brand upgrade, we will continue to improve after-sales service. The best products and services are brought to consumers.

To be a world-class solid wood custom bedroom health system expert

[Reporter]: I am very much looking forward to it! Now that real estate continues to be regulated, the situation has been severe. The home business as a downstream enterprise of real estate has a very close relationship. Guan Te launches the aristocratic bedroom health system in this environment, and you have confidence in the market. ?

[Wang Xiaogang]: We are quite confident. Today we launched the Guante noble bedroom health system products. This system will be more accurate in positioning the products. The product development direction of Guante will be more comprehensive. It includes wardrobes, bedroom accessories, custom wood flooring, custom wood doors, custom wall panels, etc. The products will be more diversified.

[Reporter]: Finally, please tell us about the future development plan of Guan Te?

[Wang Xiaogang]: In the future, we are striving to become a world-class expert in solid wood custom bedroom health system.

[Reporter]: Thank you for accepting our interview.

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