Evaluation: Composing luxury and elegant music, Kangbit Hermes mattress



The Compet Hermes mattress gives the impression that it feels more comfortable and wants to lie up. The surface and the surrounding pattern are the same, but the size is different. The mixed fabric of white cotton and brocade silk makes people feel very warm. The sponge on the surface of the mattress is thick and tight.


The cotton fabric imported from Bekaert Company of Belgium, the fabric contains brocade silk composition, it is not easy to pilling, the air permeability is good, and the hand feels soft and warm and breathable. It can be said that the interweaving of cotton and silk has written a piece of luxury and elegance. One of the preferred bedding fabrics at home.


Kangbit Hermes mattress is made of high-density high-rebound cotton, no noise, green, good rebound coefficient, strong comfort, compact, good elasticity, not easy to deform, uniform force, moderate hardness, perfect Fit the oriental body's body curve. Xiaobian uses a finger to press, moderate hardness, and excellent resilience.

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1. When the diameter is set, the tube length can be adjusted. 2. The chart is only for reference, and capacity and length can be customized along with the specific diameter of tube. 3. All the tube length refers to the testing result after sealing, if the customer need to seal tubes by himself, the tube length should be increased 10-20 mm.

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