Fake hard to prevent classical furniture identification

The collection of classical furniture continues to heat up, and in life, Chinese classical home elements are also popular. Amoy "old furniture" seems to have become a trend, an investment. However, ancient furniture, like other collections of other categories, also has a phenomenon of fraud, and now the practice of making fakes is becoming more and more sophisticated. Here are some tips for the "Taobao" to crack the magic.

1. See if the patina is naturally in the position that the user's hand often touches, and a naturally formed patina will appear. The new imitation of the patina is either unnatural or made in places that are not often touched.

2, look at the traces of the legs and feet to pay attention to whether there are signs of fading and damp. Especially in the wet areas of the south, furniture is usually placed directly on the mud, which will occur when the furniture legs and legs are long.

3, look at the bottom plate and drawer board, such as the old table and the boring cabinet, etc., the bottom plate and the drawer board will have a new imitation can not reach the old gas. Old goods are also painted matte black lacquer, but there is absolutely no fire. Then look at the drawer side panels, there should be chamfered lines on the side to avoid hurting your hands. Another point is very important - look at the alum, the blink of an eye is square, and the tip of the skull is locked. If you see two round eyes in the blink of an eye, it means that it is machined, and it must be a new imitation.

4, look at the wood grain Some furniture surface will appear uneven wood grain, but to see carefully, whether it is hard to wipe out with a wire brush, whether it is against the original wood grain. The new imitation of the hard-grained wood grain always has an unnatural feeling.

5, look at the traces of renovation, there are some cloth chairs in the old furniture, after the renovation, the original chair ring will leave a dense nail hole, this chair is old. Some rattan chairs, the original vine surface is rotten, leaving the eyes of the vines, and you can see them over.

6, look at the copper work pieces of the old furniture of the copper work if it is the original, should be rubbed for decades or even hundreds of years. Copper jobs include face sheets, hinges, hinges, handles, wrap angles, bezels, lock faces, etc. Some of the better-quality furniture will also be made of white copper. It will be fascinating for a long time. . Some copper jobs will have a variety of patterns, such as animals, flowers, auspicious characters, etc. The craftsmanship is hard to imagine today. Some folks have very strong patterns, and they can also distinguish the regional style and the style of the times, thus obtaining precious humanistic information.

There are also some copper jobs that take too long, although there is no patina, it will leave traces of rust, a little bit of green rust, or the surface of the board like corroded prints, these are the key to distinguish the authenticity of old furniture. one.

7. Look at the sculptures from the level of style and engraving. In the past, when the furniture was made, it was put wider in working hours, and the craftsman's mentality was quite calm, finely carved, and round and natural. Nowadays, in order to reduce the cost, the new imitation furniture is often in a hurry, and it will be exposed in the carving. In the Chinese furniture, the circle is not smooth enough, and the square is not strong enough. The border decoration of the western furniture will also appear to cut corners.

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