First aid emergency dating makeup tips

Representative star - Wu Peici

After working hard on the stage for a long time, I immediately got off work, and suddenly I remembered that there was an important date. But the hair is scattered, the eyeshadow is also a mess; what should I do? Don't worry, see if the following methods work.

1, absorb the face shine

If your face is brighter than the black patent leather shoes you just bought, the first thing you have to do is go straight to the bathroom. Because it is not necessary to completely remove the makeup, tear a piece of paper towel, pat the face and absorb grease. Remember not to rub, otherwise the original makeup will be wiped out.

2, looking for a lotion

Go to the store's beauty products to see if you can find a lotion or moisturizer. Because it can not only make your dry skin smooth and delicate, but also can be used to organize the untidy hair and make it more docile. Take a sample of the latest product at the skincare counter and make the most of it.

3, use the sample to quickly make up

The next thing to do is to continue to use the sample to make yourself more attractive. Apply bright and bold colors to your eyes or lips, highlighting only one part of your face – this is the quickest way to make you look very HOT, and it's more suitable for the night.

4, fluffy hair

Most of the bathrooms have automatic hand dryers, which we can use as a temporary hair dryer to shape the hair: let the hair dryer face the hair, while combing and combing; hand wet, follow the direction of the wind Hair curling, shaping it. If it is still not fluffy, bend over and turn your hair over, use your fingers to press the hair roots, and then straighten out.

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