Formaldehyde trapping agent

Formaldehyde scavenger alias: formaldehyde scavenger; aldehyde scavenger: formaldehyde dissolver; aldehyde removal agent; deodorant; formaldehyde binder

Functional principle: In general, a substance that can physically or chemically react with formaldehyde is collectively called a formaldehyde trapping agent. Its main feature is that it can chemically react with formaldehyde under certain conditions to form another stable new substance or absorption. formaldehyde. Physically, it refers to the function of adsorbing formaldehyde by using micropores or voids of the substance itself, such as porous montmorillonite. Chemical formaldehyde scavengers are often as follows: melamine, phenol, ammonia, and the like.

According to the use, there are three major categories: 1. Formaldehyde scavenger for eliminating free formaldehyde in glue, 2. Formaldehyde scavenger for eliminating free formaldehyde in wood-based panels, 3. Scavenger for eliminating diffuse formaldehyde in air. .
At present, the formaldehyde scavenger used to control the formaldehyde pollution of the decoration refers to the third category, which is characterized in that the formaldehyde trapping agent itself should be environmentally friendly and will not cause secondary pollution, because it is directly used indoors, so the demand is higher, the current market It is made by mixing nano titanium dioxide photocatalyst with amino acid and tea extract polyphenols.

The first type and the second type of formaldehyde trapping agent are used in the production process of the board, as long as the formaldehyde can be effectively eliminated, of course, while the aldehyde is eliminated, the physical bonding strength of the artificial board cannot be lowered, otherwise the aldehyde is eliminated. The meaning is not obvious.

At present, the formaldehyde scavenger used in the wood-based board glue (urea-formaldehyde glue) should balance the cost and effectiveness of the two aspects. For the wood-based panel enterprises, the formaldehyde trapping agent can not bring excessive cost increase, and at the same time ensure the environmental protection of the board. And strength. To solve this problem, we must start with the chemical principle of urea-formaldehyde glue, analyze the speed of the curing speed of urea-formaldehyde glue in the pressure plate and the speed of its own reverse reaction, and the long-term potential of aldehyde formation inside the plate (general industry The formaldehyde scavenger used can only inhibit the release of formaldehyde for half a year to one year. Because urea-formaldehyde gel is slowly decomposed and released in more than ten years.

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