Four Secrets to Create Elva Hsiao Diamond Eye Makeup

After painting the big eye makeup , how sharp the contrast between Xiao Yaxuan and the single eyelids when he debuted! Everyone was amazed and involuntarily doubted, was she a plastic surgery? The omnipotent make-up is her secret weapon, and it is easy to turn a small eye into a human eye in four simple steps.
Tip 1: A layered eye shadow
Eye shadows seem simple, but often this is the problem of single eyelid girls. Girls with single eyelids always feel that their eyes are still dull and lifeless after painting the eyeshadow! This is also the mistake made by most girls. The eye shadow should be patiently layered on the ground with a point pressure, so that the eye shadow has a texture, the eye makeup will be beautiful!
Building steps:
Step1. Use a silver-gray eye shadow to make a base, or try to choose a glossy eye shadow powder, the entire upper eyelid and lower eyelids must be on.
Step2. First hit the eye shadow in the corner of the eye, then slowly push it inward with your finger, and finally use the brush to smudge the eye shadow. MM with small eyes should pay attention to the eye shadow, close to the brow bone, which will make the eye socket look deeper.
Step3. Use shiny black eyeshadow to strengthen the eye folds and the end of the eyes, so that the eyes will not be black and black, and there should be a layered smudge.
Tips: Because the finger has temperature, it will be better to use the eye shadow on the finger. After the whole eye shadow is good, you should use your finger to bring it to the edge of the eye to make it naturally blend with the skin around the eye.
Tip 2: Long eyeliner
The long eyeliner at the end of the eye has the effect of stretching and lifting, which can help the eye to sag or the MM of the apricot eye to change the shape of the eye, making the eyes look more lined!
Building steps:
Step1. First draw the end of the eye with the eyeliner. The girl with drooping eyes should not be afraid to draw too long when the eyes are closed. It will be exaggerated because the eyelids will take most of your time when you open your eyes. The eye makeup is covered, so the end of the eye is drawn a little longer to see the effect.
Step2. Stack the eyeliner along the painted eyeliner.
Step3. Use the eyeliner to draw on the inside of the eye, and the inner eyelids will make the eyes look longer!
Tips: You can tilt the eyelashes before you draw the eyeliner, so that the eyeliner is not easy to smudge. After the painting is finished, if the local position is not enough, you can adjust the eyeliner after wearing the false eyelashes.
Tip 3: Turning false decay into magical false eyelashes
No matter how thin and eye-dropping your eyelashes are, as long as you stick false eyelashes, your eyes will become spiritual. The doll-like eyes are absolutely full of electricity!
Step1. First soften the bottom of the false eyelashes and let the false eyelashes loosen. This will not make people feel very fake and unnatural.
Step2. Put on the whole false eyelashes and replenish the single false eyelashes according to the effect and eye shape. The second layer of false eyelashes is added to the first layer.
Tips: After wearing the false eyelashes, it is best to press the roots and pinch the parts of the eyelids that are easy to sag and split, so that the false eyelashes and the true eyelashes are coordinated. It is recommended that the MM with a rounded eye shape can be planted with a small amount of false eyelashes at the end of the eye, which will make your eyes feel like "flying"!
Tip 4: Shining elements
If you want big eye makeup not only can make your eyes become bigger and more spiritual, but also have a smart or sparkling effect, then adding shiny elements is your best choice!
Building steps:
You can use the sequins, glittering mascara or special glue to stick the rhinestones around the eyelashes and around the corners of your eyes!
Tips: Glitter, sequins and even rhinestones are definitely the secret weapon to add to your eyes! If you feel that sequins and rhinestones are difficult to stick or if you are too hard to hurt your eyes, you can use silvery liquid eyeliner. There is a bling bling effect. If you go to the party, you can also bring a silver-white eyeliner along the eyeliner to extend the tail of the eye, then you immediately become a Party Queen!

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