Free from the beginning of storage, free to match the wardrobe VS casual combination cloakroom

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Have you ever thought that if there is such a wardrobe or an open cloakroom, it is free and flexible, free from the influence of a single space and size, free combination, free combination, unlimited expansion, function increase and decrease freedom! This is the way in life, it can't be done, only you can't think of it! The following small series introduces a flexible wardrobe and cloakroom for everyone to see which one is more suitable for your home decoration!

Part1: Free match wardrobe

Still worrying about the mess of clothing? Still worrying about the price of expensive wardrobes? Maybe a simple wardrobe can easily solve your troubles.

Combination wardrobe

This simple wardrobe gives a clean and tidy feel. The door panel adopts a simple solid color system, and the surface has a three-dimensional concave and convex pattern design, the color is natural and fresh, and has a three-dimensional layering. Placed in the bedroom (bedroom renderings), is undoubtedly the most eye-catching protagonist.

Open cloakroom

The main function of the wardrobe is to store clothes. This simple wardrobe uses a drawer and suspension to design a strong storage space. The space is mainly divided into three areas. The middle hanging area is used to hang clothes such as tops and skirts to ensure that the clothes are not creased. . The two sides are designed in a drawer assembly to keep the small clothes in order.

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