Han Xue teaches you to draw dramatic eye makeup

Dramatic eye makeup , from one extreme to the other. This season's dramatic eye makeup is as popular as those bright colors.

Draw your eyeliner longer and pick up a slight arc, or go one step further and switch to a white eyeliner. Remember, not white clothes, white eyeliners. From eye shadow to eyeliner to mascara, white will be the next popular focus and beautiful end. The white eyeliner is better inside the lower eyelids, which will enhance the effect of the eye, which is simple and convenient for those who have a night of carnival.

1 Hold the eyeliner horizontally and draw it gently from the 1/2 of the upper eyelid to the end of the eye. The center part can be slightly thicker when the eyeliner is drawn, and the force must be light when drawing the end of the eye.

2 When the eyeliner is quickly drawn to the end of the eye, change the pen that is held horizontally to the straight grip. Use the front end of the eyeliner to gently follow the end of the eye and draw about 3 mm to the outside.

3 After completing the depiction of the posterior segment of the eyeliner, hold the eyeliner horizontally and connect the eyeliner drawn from the center of the eyelid to the direction of the front corner of the eye. As long as the power is light, you can avoid drawing too thick.

4 After the eyeliner is finished, be sure to check it out. Use a cotton swab to make the finishing work. Use a cotton swab to gently pat the corners of the eyes to the center, and the end of the eyes to lightly brush the eyeliner.

5 Finally, use the cosmetic cotton stick to move the eyeliner in the direction of the eyelashes, and move it up and down slightly, so that the eyeliner and the eyelashes can be integrated into one body. It looks natural.

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