Han Yiser homemade green skin care experience

Pay attention to diet

From a very young age, Han Yiser loves beauty very much, so in order to maintain her body and good skin, she always insists on eating less greasy and spicy food, often making fruit salads rich in nutrients and vitamins, to increase myself. The beauty of the extra points. Vegetables and fruits are also essential health dishes on the table every day.

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The word body detox sounds professional and has a medical taste, but Han Yisai said that it is not so complicated, in fact, it is more tea. Many teas have the effects of detoxification, beauty , liver, spleen and so on. In his spare time, Han Yi Se will quietly make a cup of thick flower tea, smell the flowers and relax his body and mind.

Plant Essence Skin Acne : y, P3 T. i \! t+ ~0 Z1 V

Han Yisei said that because she is a kind of sentimental type of girl , she often feels annoyed, and it is easy to get insomnia when she has a backlog. In addition, under the training of filming, dancing and various charging, there will be occasional acne. The extreme scenery appeared on his face. Sometimes when you are too busy, you don't have time to carefully select the right product for acne. However, at this time, the company's special person helped solve it. One time, they brought a bottle of flowers and flowers from China to remove the essence of the acne, and told her that it contains 13 kinds of pure natural plant extracts, which balances the delicate and delicate skin with the magic of flowers and grasses, and improves the skin problems. . Anyway, the pure plant essence, the effect of a few friends is also good. So decided to try. 5 f, ~4 v Z" u! E- O' Q0 |
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The result was amazing. After two days of use, the red acne began to dry out and became smaller, without the eye-catching and painful feelings of the first time. The next use effect is more obvious. In a few days, not only the acne disappeared completely, but also the acne marks disappeared under the conditioning of the flower and magic balance. "I don't see if I have grown acne now?" Han Yiser said, a bright smile.

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