Hot steam skin care, also your healthy skin

Bathing is the best stage of skin care. The hot steam emitted during the bath makes the pores fully stretched out, so that you can do lymphatic massage or apply mask , the best skin effect! However, in order to avoid the drying caused by sweat, 500m of water should be added after the bath.

Hot steam skin care, also your healthy skin

The target hot steam opens the pores and the nutrients are all sucked in!

Point1, 10 minutes beauty bath salt + micro temperature bath

The water temperature of 36 ° C ~ 39 ° C can stimulate the parasympathetic nerves, the most relaxed body! Do not bathe for more than 40 minutes at night, and go to bed immediately after the body temperature rises after the bubble is finished. It is recommended to choose a bath salt that promotes sweating during bathing. The skin effect is great!

Method: Take an appropriate amount of bath salt, draw a circle and apply the whole body to make it stay on the skin for 3 to 5 minutes. When the salt is fully dissolved, the body can sweat to produce an effect. Finally, rinse with water.

Point 2, 10 minutes scalp SPA to prevent facial relaxation

There are three muscle tissues on the scalp that support the facial muscles. If the scalp begins to degenerate, it will cause the skin of the face to sag. And the bath time is abundant, why not do the scalp massage to make the face skin firmer!

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