How much is the installation of central air conditioning? Central air conditioning installation price

Anyone who has installed central air-conditioning knows that the central air-conditioning of the brand can guarantee the quality of the products. However, if the service providers are not formal, they are unprofessional and standardized, and it is inevitable that there will be regrets. On the basis of this condition, many people will be more concerned about the installation price of central air-conditioning , so how much is the installation of central air-conditioning ? Let's take a look at the decoration home decoration network Xiaobian.






How much is the installation of central air conditioning?


How much is the installation of central air conditioning - brand and outdoor unit offer


A good brand is not only a guarantee of product quality, but also a guarantee of good service. At present, central air-conditioning brands are divided into imported brands and domestic brands. Generally speaking, imported central air-conditioning brands have a long history and higher technical content, and the price is relatively higher than domestic air-conditioning costs 5000-10000 yuan; in addition, the outdoor unit is the central The most important components of air-conditioning prices, such as central air-conditioning air-cooled units, water-cooled units, water-source heat pump units, etc., have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the prices are different, and the price of outdoor units of different models and models of the same brand is different. The bigger the price, the higher the natural.


How much is the installation of central air conditioning - according to the building area and orientation


In addition to the product brand and outdoor unit models, the user room area is also an important factor affecting the price of central air conditioning. First of all, we have to look at the user's construction use, because the amount of cold and heat required for home, office and shopping malls is different, so the size of the selected central air conditioner is different; secondly, the environment in which the building is located, the south and the north The parameters designed in the northeast and northwest are also different. For specific central air-conditioning quotes and solutions, you can refer to the central air-conditioning price of this station. This is a fair and reasonable quotation. The different areas, different brands and outdoor unit models have detailed instructions.


How much is the installation of central air conditioning - affected by the installation company and construction quality


Central air-conditioning is known as "three-point products, seven-point installation", generally we think that the installation effect is higher than the product quality requirements, so the central air-conditioning installation process and the overall price are inseparable, this is the same brand, different central air-conditioning installation company quotes Different core reasons. Generally, a formal central air-conditioning installation company will not be too high or too low. It is very likely to be a profiteer. Too low is likely to be a leather bag company, because some of the central air-conditioning project costs are installed artificially. And the cost of materials, if you simply lower the price, sometimes will reduce the quality of the project, on the contrary will not be worth the candle.


How much is the cost of installing central air-conditioning?


Central air-conditioning is a complete system. In addition to central air-conditioning equipment, central air-conditioning accessories are also an indispensable part of the central air-conditioning project quotation. Central air-conditioning auxiliary materials are mainly in the installation, such as PVC condensate pipe, PVC pipe insulation, copper pipe, copper pipe insulation, send / return air outlet and other materials, these are within the scope of central air-conditioning engineering quotation.






Central air conditioning installation price:


The materials provided by the company are generally around 1,200 yuan; the installation price of the central air conditioner for the labor and materials is about 400-600 yuan.


The installation price of central air conditioners is uncertain. The matching of air conditioners is mainly based on the area of ​​your home and the number of rooms. Depending on your own needs. Another is to see how much all the auxiliary materials. Also combine the decoration of your home. This requires taking your building's floor plan to a local agent to give you an installation plan and budget. However, under normal circumstances, the price of high-end products is about 500-700 yuan per square meter.


The above is how much is the installation of central air conditioning for Xiaobian ? The entire contents of the installation of central air conditioning prices, I believe we much money to install central air conditioning after reading this article have a basic understanding, if you want to know more decoration advice, please click into the decoration of knowledge Channel!


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