How to create a charming big eye

Some people are born with big eyes and look beautiful and charming, but some people want to have a pair of big eyes, but they are helpless. Today, Xiaobian teaches you a set of makeup techniques that instantly become big eyes. What are you waiting for?

How to create a charming big eye

The four functions of mascara: thick, suitable for people with thin eyelashes. Long, suitable for people with short eyelashes. The curling type is suitable for people with straight eyelashes. Nourishing, suitable for people with thin and thin eyelashes.

The basic craftsmanship of mascara brush head mascara brush head: small head or flat head mascara is more suitable for people with shorter eyelashes, and mascara with fiber lengthening effect is you The first choice.

A large and irregular mascara for the brush head. For people with thin and soft eyelashes, they should choose a thicker mascara while trying to pinch your eyelashes. It is more suitable. Irregular bristles can fully contact the eyelashes. Each eyelash can be evenly applied with mascara to achieve a dense effect.

The correct use of mascara and false eyelashes

Note that in order to brush long and curled eyelashes, you must first clip out the beautiful eyelashes. This is learned. 1 First clamp near the root of the eyelashes. 2 Then slowly outward, gently clip it a little bit. The eyelashes thus clipped will have a beautiful curvature.

How to use mascara: Gently brush from the root of the eyelashes into a zigzag outward. This will ensure that each eyelash is brushed and will not agglomerate. Similarly, the lower eyelashes cannot be ignored. In fact, the length of the lower eyelashes can give a golden effect to the enlarged eyes. Note that the gesture should be light when applying the eyelashes to avoid staining the makeup.

How to use false eyelashes: Carefully apply glue to the root of the false eyelashes, pay attention to both sides. Gently press the eyelids with one hand and gently attach the false eyelashes to the roots of the real eyelashes, making minor adjustments before the glue has solidified. Use your fingertips to apply light pressure on the eyelashes until they are completely bonded.

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