How to Look at Packaging Design (2)

Third, the implementation of basic cognitive packaging design <br> <br> confirm the purpose of the product launched

The introduction of new packaging is not necessarily the launch of new products. The product's marketing plan influences the design direction of the package. Therefore, the purpose of confirming the product launch is to realize the basic understanding of the package design work.

New Brand New Products: The launch of new products on the market must have a new brand.

New brand general products: general products, many brands competing in the market, in order to establish a different brand image, need to establish a new brand for differentiation, such as Lai baby room Nac Nac baby cleaning supplies series.

Original Brand New Products: When existing brands develop toward new products, they also need to integrate the original brand image into the packaging of new products. For example, shower gel is not a new product for the market, but it is a new product for the original product line of the curved brand; three-in-one milk tea powder is a non-market new product and is a new product for the Lipton product line. .

Existing products, new tastes, new items: The existing products will be stretched, such as the introduction of new tastes or the proportion of ingredients.

Existing product packaging (new product): In order to meet the needs of different channels or people, the same content will adopt different packaging designs depending on the access. In general, these goods are mostly of low interest and need to be inspired by the ingenuity of packaging to stimulate consumers' desire to buy. For example, luxury stockings gift box.

Increase in the amount of existing products: often in the competitive environment, the industry is unwilling to cut prices and increase sales.

New Product Launch + Promotion SP: Promotional packages launched with the launch of new products to attract attention from various channels or consumers.

Existing products + promotion SP: In order to special promotions, irregular promotions, and often limited by time, you can often use existing products plus gifts as promotional tools.

Existing product portfolio: Business owners will regroup their products or consumers will combine their tastes according to their own preferences.

Existing product gifts (for specific festivals): gift boxes that are introduced for specific holidays.

Sales Kit: In order to inform new products to market, business owners will gather various distributors to hold a marketing briefing session. In addition to describing product features and sales niche, Sales Kit is also presented to dealers. Become a new marketing technique.

Learn product appeal from strategy

Before carrying out packaging design, it is necessary to fully communicate with business owners, which can avoid erroneous attempts and save time and cost for each other's exploration. From the strategic point of view, the designer should first grasp the key points that the business owner wants to perform, and the design direction can be accurate.

To shape the brand image: Packaging design is the main appeal for expressing the brand image and purpose.

New product announcement: When Lipton's new three-dimensional teabags are released, the “three-dimensional teabag” message is the focus of the design.

New product notification: Refers to existing product development product items, such as new flavors listed, or women's hygiene products launched "night-type", "long type" ... and so on.

Strengthen product features: Tell the product's Unique Selling Proposition. Such as Lipton's leisurely three-dimensional tea bag, the three-dimensional tea bag space allows the original piece of tea to fully stretch and taste more mellow.

Strengthen the use of situation: more used in emotional appeal product packaging. The content of the contents of canned coffee is actually very similar, and it is necessary to use the package to create a unique situation of “Blue Mountain Coffee” or “Mantening Coffee”.

Expanding consumer groups: When the market pie has become saturated or stable, entrepreneurs with an intention to create will often create another market. Such as: Fu Tong's shampoo market, becoming more saturated, there are manufacturers to introduce a variety of formulations to open up another market.

Cracking down on competing brands: The most obvious example is the incremental package. “Enjoy the price without increasing the value” is really fascinating to consumers and more lethal to competitors.

Low price strategy (high sales and low sales): It is mostly used for On Pack or promotional products, for example, consumers can use premium purchases to get fine gifts at lower prices.

Inspire interest and attention: Use a character or topic to combine packaging design and tell a story for the listing of the product. For example, the bottle type that Taiwan launched the SIX drink using celebrity Yang Huishan did cause a sensation in the initial stage of the listing. However, if the business owner did not take care of it, the consumer may lose his loyalty because his curiosity subsided.

Combine with advertising stories: With the collocation of advertising stories, consumers can have a deeper impression on the products.

After confirming the purpose of product introduction and understanding product appeal, packaging designers should be able to more easily cut into the design focus and accurately grasp the design direction; however, a truly successful designer, in addition to the above basic understanding, should further understand the consumer The real needs, providing the consumer's livelihood interests, satisfying consumer psychology; and only packaging works that take into account the consumer's physiological, psychological, and ease of use, and indeed achieve marketing purposes, can be regarded as a "successful" work. .

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