Ice blue makeup makes the bride extraordinary

The bride's make-up in the spring and summer of 2011 is clean, clear and mysterious from beginning to end. The ice blue makeup to create the bride's makeup enhances the bride's ethereal and refined temperament, making the bride extraordinary.

Ice blue makeup

The base makeup highlights the eyes:

Tom, the chief makeup artist, highly advocates the use of a finger on the foundation, because the temperature of the hand will make the foundation and the skin better fit, and gently pressing with the fingertips in the position where the concealer is needed will have a good covering effect.

Choose blue according to skin color:

The fair-skinned bride uses matt powder blue eyeshadow with pearly white enamel, and can immediately bid farewell to drama. Brides with yellowish skin can mix blue and purple to make their eyes look fresher.

How to avoid edema:

Oriental brides use blue to easily cause eye puffiness. At this time, first use the brown color to gently bottom the area near the eyelashes, and then smudge the blue on the eyelids to avoid the edema caused by a single blue.

Nude lip liner hook outline:

Blue eye shadow is already the focus of everyone, so matte lip color is very important, using a nude lip liner to outline the lip, can make the lip become three-dimensional but will not steal the brilliance of eye makeup.

Blue eyelids with light hair color:

Black hair will feel heavy, and the contrast with blue eyeshadow is too strong, so you may want to lighten the hair color and let the spring's brightness run through your wedding.

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