Image mode selection and conversion points (in)

3) Convert to dual tone mode for output of enhanced grayscale image

The dual tone mode is generally used in single-tone images, two-tone images, three-tone images, and four-tone images. Among them, monochromatic images are suitable for printing grayscale images with a non-black ink, and double (three, four) tone images are grayscale images printed with two (three, four) inks for increasing the depth of tone. Duplicate shades of gray to make the image look more interesting, not to duplicate color changes. Duotone mode is ideal for two-color printing jobs that use a spot color (such as Pantone ink).

To create a bi-tonal image, you must start with a grayscale image or convert a color image to grayscale mode. Since duotone images reproduce different gray levels with different color inks, photoshop treats the duotone image as a single-channel, 8-bit grayscale image. Therefore, for a bi-tonal image, it is not necessary to change the color or gradation of the image by accessing each of the main color channels as in the RGB, CMYK, or Lab images, but by adjusting the tone curve in the two-tone option dialog box. Meet the predetermined requirements.

Note: To control the ink density in shadows, midtones, and highlights, do this by adjusting the ink's curve. In a two-tone image, black is usually applied to the shaded area, gray or another color is applied to the midtone and highlight areas; if you want to add a two-tone effect to a part of the image, convert the two-tone to a multi-channel image The conversion curve relationship defined by the tone curve is converted into a spot color channel, and the copy relationship defined in the tone curve is represented by the change in the gray tone, and printed as a standard gray scale image.

4) Convert to index mode for image output on multimedia and web pages

The index color image is a single-channel color image that can include up to 256 colors. By limiting the number of colors, the file size of the indexed color image can be reduced, but the visual quality of the image is still maintained.

Only grayscale, duotone, and RGB modes can be converted to indexed color images. Since the number of colors in a grayscale image does not exceed 256 colors, the result of the conversion is always accurate. The two-tone image is a single-channel image, and it is also recorded in 8-bit grayscale, so there is no difference with the grayscale image indexing image. When converting from an RGB image to an index image, if there are more than 256 colors in the RGB image, the extra colors will be deleted; if the number of colors is less than 256, the result of the conversion is accurate.

When converting to index mode, photoshop will build a color lookup table (CLUT) to store and index the colors in the image. If a certain color in the original image does not appear in the table, the program will select the existing colors. The closest one of the ones or use existing colors to simulate the color.

Note: Although you can convert from "index mode" to "RGB mode", photoshop cannot convert the file to its original color; once converted to index mode, photoshop filters are not available.

5) Convert to RGB mode for electronic media display

The RGB mode can generate up to 16.7 million colors on the screen through three colors or channels. These three channels are converted to 24 (or 48) bits of color information per pixel as the basis for the screen display.

1 Convert from grayscale mode to RGB mode

After a grayscale image is converted to an RGB image, no change appears on the surface, but it has actually been converted into a color image, because the R, C, and B values ​​of each pixel in the RGB image at this time are equal. Has no effect on human vision. The gray value of the color image is established based on the luminance value of the original gray image. For example, if the dot area ratio (pixel value) at a certain point in the original grayscale image is 75%, then the converted RGB image is:

R: G=B=256×(1-75%)−1=63.

Note: When RGB images are converted to grayscale images, color information is lost, so when converting to RGB color images, the displayed image color will not have the original image color.

2 Convert from CMYK mode to RGB mode

Both RGB and CMYK are device-dependent modes. Therefore, the specific parameters of the equipment and conditions used must be fully considered and added to the color separation algorithm as device feature parameters. Photoshop provides a powerful conversion function between RGB and CMYK modes, as detailed below.

(to be continued)

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