Improve the quality of news pictures

"Beijing News" is more cautious in the use of news pictures. In addition to the entertainment version, there are mostly text reports, and the proportion of news pictures is relatively small. The social news edition almost maintains the style of "a version and a picture" of a serious newspaper, which is not unrelated to the positioning of the newspaper.

The authenticity and vividness of the image report are incomparable to the written report. The news pictures should be done rather than indiscriminately. The picture of the B44 version of "White Balance Digital Image Color" on December 10 had no effect on the report. At best, it was only a supplementary layout. In the same period, the C60 column version did not meet the text. The picture, as a rigorous newspaper, should unite the style as a whole, suggesting that pictures or comics can be appropriately added.

At the same time, too many pictures are undesirable. The "Beijing News" has a smaller edition. To ensure ample amount of information, it often limits the size of the picture. There is a "bottleneck" in the printing quality of newspapers. Therefore, try not to use too many small pictures. On December 8th, the C50 cultural news special edition used up to 11 pictures, and the layout was overcrowded. Four of the blurred pictures could be deleted, which could highlight other pictures and beautify the layout. News images focus on visual impact, not on quantity. At the same time, it is hoped that the editors will do a good job and will not appear in the two different reports on December 10th B40 and B41 using the same picture.

I believe that on the basis of maintaining the original style, weighing the number of good news pictures and improving the quality of pictures can greatly improve the overall performance of the “Beijing News” and enhance readability. Huang Yingjie (government staff)

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