Improve your delicate look without losing powder in winter

Some MMs do not like to use honey powder after finishing the makeup in winter. In winter, the skin secretes less oil than in summer, so it can save trouble and save time. When time is tight, the powder is omitted. In fact, in the dry winter, the role of honey powder is far greater than you think, the higher the delicateness of makeup, the more necessary it exists. For four reasons, the winter is inseparable from the powder.

Reason one: for oily skin MM to absorb grease, anti-dust

Keep away from the powder in the winter, improve your delicate makeup.

The oily muscle MM is always full of shine all year round. In addition to blotting paper, honey powder is actually a good choice. Oil-absorbing paper can only absorb grease, but it does not have the effect of modifying the skin tone. However, once a powder with strong adhesion is used, it will inevitably have a strong makeup. Compared with the powder cake, you will find that the powder of the honey powder is looser, the powder is finer, the density is lower, and the light transmittance is higher. This means that even after the powder, there will be no heavy makeup. The sensation will give your face a velvety semi-matte effect, giving the oily skin MM a comfortable touch and a refreshing look.

Reason 2: Increase makeup durability

This is the most cognitive role of honey powder. When you get everything from makeup cream to foundation, concealer, blush, and eye shadow, you will find the necessity of powder after finishing a complete makeup. After applying a creamy liquid foundation and a liquid foundation that is almost all liquid, a small amount of powder gently put on the gel will serve as a makeup. It keeps the eye shadow blush fixed in its original position, won't make up your face facial expression, and you won't touch your face slightly, just stick the foundation of your hand. Use a pressing method to apply a large area and apply a small amount of powder. After picking up the powder with a puff, press the pressed method and press on the finished makeup. Do not use the way of smearing, this will make the original makeup.

Keep away from the powder in the winter, improve your delicate makeup.

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