Japan Food Machinery New Products

High-pressure low-temperature sterilization device

It was developed by a Japanese company that can use 6,000 standard atmospheric pressures to sterilize foods at 60°C to reduce the number of moulds and bacillus to one hundred thousandth of the original, without destroying the state of food tissues. In general, the sterilization method requires the food to be heated to 120° C. for at least 30 minutes, which not only damages the original structure of the food, but also reduces the nutritional value.

Cucumber automatic picking machine

It is Japan's use of fuzzy computer image processing technology that has successfully developed a cucumber automatic picking machine with excellent judgment. Because of the length and thickness of the cucumber, the curved shape is variable and has long been selected manually. The working procedure is: Observe the cucumbers that are arranged on the trays neatly with the camera and select them by image processing. The market selection criteria are programmed according to the judgment criteria of 1 to 3 levels, and the judgment is performed by a fuzzy processor, and the selection speed is 1 s.

Automatic bread maker

The automatic bread maker produced by Matsushita, Japan, looks like a home-use twin-cylinder washing machine. When using, use measuring cups and measuring spoons to put the raw materials into the machine in proportion, cover the lid, set the time to start the motor switch, rotate the bottom of the blade, stir the raw materials, stop automatically after 20 minutes, start to wake up, Stir again, wake up again, finally ferment and shape, start to bake, after finishing, you can automatically launch the finished bread. The whole process is controlled by a smart computer.

Far-infrared vegetable and fruit dryer

Japan's Sergeant Food Company has developed a new type of far-infrared equipment that specifically processes the drying of carrots, squashes, and other fruits and vegetables. When a conveyor belt with vegetables and vegetables is introduced into the machine, it is first irradiated with far-infrared rays, and then hot air is blown in to keep the temperature at 50. °C ~ 100 °C, so that fruits and vegetables quickly dry.

Potato vinegar reactor

Japan's Nagasaki Miura Industrial Institute has developed a potato vinegar making device using a bioreactor. The process is to liquefy and mash mash the potatoes. The raw material liquid is prepared by a centrifugal separator and the yeast and acetic acid bacteria are fixed in a granular cyst to form a solid phase. It is filled in the acetic acid fermentation tank; when the raw material liquid continuously flows into the reaction waste and reacts, continuous flow of vinegar, the enzyme and acetic acid bacteria can be used continuously for a long time, the quality is stable, and the vinegar time is reduced by 3/4. Compared with rice vinegar, potatoes contain more calcium and essential amino acids.

It is a kind of high-precision, high-sensitive rewinding equipment, which has advanced photoelectric tracking guiding system. The control system adopts ABB inverter speed regulated, constant tension magnetic powder brake and constant tension controller etc imported device. Most electric parts of this machine have high advantages, such as stable work performance, easy operation, visualization, a high degree of automation and so on.

Plastic Film Stripping Machine

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