Kai Eastern-type packaging materials factory developed into European-style green sheet

The European-style green environmental protection packaging material is a green and environmental-friendly all-natural cardboard material produced by the world's first invention patented technology adopted by the European-style packaging material factory in Qidong City, Jiangsu Province. Cardboard produced using this technology can not only reduce the increasing shortage of wood, protect forest resources, but also reduce board production costs by more than 20%, and the strength can be increased by 1-3 times.

The sheet has a simple composition and is crushed by starch, plant fibers and other natural materials in a certain proportion, and then is made into a sheet by a special foaming technique. According to different packaging or product requirements, choose different recipes to make a variety of economical and practical plates. The packaging made of this board material can be printed, recyclable, degradable, stampable, flammable, heat-resistant, fire-resistant, anti-counterfeiting, anti-corrosion, waterproof, anti-bacterial, fresh, unvoiced and other special requirements. Ideal green ring packaging material.

The use of this plate can produce green tableware; paper plates, corrugated boxes, cartons, credit cards, etc.; honeycomb paper pallets instead of wood; architectural decoration with plywood, partitions, ceilings; some civilian crystal and toy shell.

The processing technology of the plate is simple, as long as there are special material crusher, laminator, stereotyped machine can produce a variety of economical boards and products, and the entire life cycle clean without waste water discharge, no secondary pollution, low production costs Plates are widely used and have attractive development prospects.

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