Kiln dry material knowledge

Kiln dry materials, also known as room dry materials and furnace dry materials, refer to manual drying in special buildings or metal containers. Wood artificial drying is to artificially control the temperature, humidity and air velocity of the drying medium, and mainly uses the convective heat transfer of the gas medium to dry the wood.

According to the drying medium temperature, the kiln can be divided into low temperature drying (including low temperature kiln drying, conventional kiln drying) and high temperature kiln drying. The temperatures of conventional drying and high-temperature drying media are below 95 ° C and above 100 ° C, respectively, and are commonly used in the textile and musical instrument industry in China. Conventional kiln drying is the most widely used, and the influence of temperature on the material properties is small. The high temperature kiln can be dried by using wet air as the medium and superheated steam as the medium. The former is commonly used in industries such as vehicles, furniture, textiles, military, machinery manufacturing, etc., but high temperature has some influence on certain materials of certain tree species (such as Korean pine), making the surface of the wood hard, difficult to cut, milling and processing, serious It becomes brittle and coke. The latter is used for drying coniferous trees and soft-leaved broad-leaved trees, which have a fast drying speed and remarkable effect. However, it is less effective for hardwood materials with a harder material and a larger thickness.

The effect of kiln drying is mainly to select an appropriate dry reference table. China's drying benchmark has two kinds of time and water content benchmarks. The time base is generally used to dry wood with a thickness of less than 40 mm. The moisture content standard is generally divided into temperature rising type and wave type, and the temperature rising type is the most widely used, which can be used to dry various tree species and various specifications, especially wood with a thickness of 40mm to 90mm; Less used; semi-fluctuating is mainly used for difficult-to-dry tree species, large-section wood, such as wood with thickness of about 80mm, 90mm and 110mm. China's sawn timber drying benchmark has been listed in the forestry industry standard of the People's Republic of China (LY/T1068-92). The thickness of the sawn timber is 15, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 mm.

Coniferous trees include Korean pine, Pinus massoniana, Yunnan pine, Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica, red spruce, fish scale spruce, stinky fir, Chinese fir, cedar, Xing'an larch, Changbai larch, long hemlock and hemlock. Broad-leaved trees include eucalyptus, Shalanyang, Dendrobium, Magnolia, White Birch, Maple Birch, Ash, Yellow Polo, Beech, Walnut, Color Maple, White Acer, Sweet, Lotus, Ash Wood, Liquidambar, Azalea, Cinnamomum, Acerola, Betula platyphylla, Wild Persimmon, Golden Leaf, White Orchid, Tianmu Purple Stem, Elm, Bitter, Maodan, Oil Dan, Wild Paint, Rubber Tree, Water Cyclobalanopsis glauca, eucalyptus, sycamore, horse kick, rice vine, palsy, Cyclobalanopsis, Cyclobalanopsis, Alpine, Radix, Spring, Populus, Populus, Paulownia and Lankao Paulownia. Kiln dry equipment has large investment, complicated process and high cost, but it is fast drying and short in time. It can be dried to any final moisture content and is convenient for industrial production. The drying effect is better than natural drying. At present, the kiln dry material is mainly used.

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