List of printing terms in Hong Kong


The exposed white / leaky white printing paper is mostly white. When printing or making a plate, the connected color is not close, and the background color of the white paper is exposed.

The photo-engraving process in the era of hitting white nets. In order to remedy the lack of sensitivity of the dark position of the pictures on the Internet, you can remove the original flash once or put a piece of paper to make up the spot exposure, or directly use the flash light to flash the white light to increase the deep web of the original and soften the image.

Of course, overeating will make you fat, and the film will increase its size if you feel more silver particles. The manual plate is added to the photosensitive film with a transparent thick film to expose and add fertilizer.

Fill trap (Colortrapp)
In the process of color separation and plate making, the color transfer position is intentionally expanded to reduce the impact of overprinting.

Field refers to the area of ​​the color block without dots, usually refers to the full version.

The reverse text or lines are printed with negative lines, and the paper white is exposed.

Hitting the net is not a fisherman's craft. In the color separation process of amplitude modulation screen, the distribution of dot angle is wrong, or the angle of each screen is less than 25 °, and the moire will become obvious.

Flying net lens plate-making netting process, remove the netting after normal exposure, add short exposure to increase contrast.

Dog teeth Dog teeth are uneven. There are not enough pixels in the picture, and the teeth will appear on the edge after zooming in.

The dots of Meihua are like a deer. Poorly called Xiwen, the worse is the moire.

Commands that are aligned on the first page are prefixed. Extends to imposition and binding, and refers to the position of the head of the plate.

A typesetting of casual text. Only seek uniform kerning, not neat text at the end of the line.

Masks are not ecstasy. It is a masking film for manual color separation. It can be made by film drying or red film cutting. It can be used for retreating or color correction.

The blue version is not playing basketball, nor the RGB B (blue), but the C (cyan) version of CMYK.


Imprints or shadows of unknown origin. Mostly caused by the uneven ink supply of old printing presses.

Guata does not mean water-melon fight dogs. In the era of letterpress printing, the "mafia" inscription used lower-positioning lead than the literal type.

Different printing colors are stacked, and the overprint ratio of each color layer.

Learn from Sun Wukong's specialty. The bottom printing car has an automatic paper turning device, biting the printing surface of the paper, and anti-biting the bottom of the paper, all in one go.

Reflexivity refers to a printing method that saves printing plates. Let the paper print on one side first, and then reverse the left and right sides of the paper and the bottom surface after drying. It is the process of printing the back of the paper without changing the printing plate.

The speed of the fly ink printing machine is fast and the consistency of the ink body is not enough. The centrifugal force makes the ink splash.

The ink line draws a gauge line on the printing plate, so that it is just printed on the paper gauge position, and the needle position can be monitored at a glance.

The scumming plate is weakly hydrophilic and becomes oleophilic. Of course, it has a thin oil stain. The problem is mostly caused by the wrong pH of the bucket water.

The gun is fired, the drum is commonly known as. The movement of the rubber cylinder away from the impression cylinder.

Too many papers are clamped between the impression cylinder and the rubber cylinder, and the safety sensor stops the printing press.

Which slag should not be smeared on the paper, the problem also lies in the balance of water and ink.

The stoppage of the printing press stops because the paper feed is not smooth or the double-sheet feed triggers the safety device.

The needle position is not the position of the injection. The margin of the printed sheet. The length of the paper is long, and the printing process and cutting need to be aligned with the needle position.

Continuous printing process to save film. Move exposure with registration cross.

Terminology for printing accidents. It means that the ink layer is too thick to dry, which contaminates the back of the paper pressed on it.

Front (top)
The Philippines calls the driver the head of the car. The printed front is not the captain, but the printing speed.

The title of the number of prints in the Stone Age. The color of the paper is one stone at a time.

Used does not mean used goods. Refers to the deputy of the printing press, or Sui Ji.

Proofing is not a hatred against the draft, but a pre-printed proof is pre-printed through the proofing machine.

Feida is not a courier, it is a conveyor for feeding paper from printing presses.


Bleeding is of course bleeding. The printing and binding process requires the ground color or picture of the page to be 3mm across the cutting line, which is called bleeding.

Flying side by side, cutting and removing the meaning. Flashing refers to the position where the bleeding is removed.

Distorted cutting, crooked cutting, right angle to rhomboid book, mostly caused by uneven pressure of paper gate or paper grid.


Using calender drum to process the printed sheet, the surface will be smooth, this is the processing surface treatment process.

Fold the origami of a Japanese folding machine backhand. The 4th fold of the 32-fold fold method must be reversed.

Genuine does not mean software. The page where the book prefix is ​​located is called the genuine edition, the page where the secondary code is located is called the reverse edition, and the positive and negative editions are called a group, a post or a frame.

The paper gate is not a door to close the paper, but a paper cutting machine.

A method of binding staples on horseback, like moving on horseback. After the thin book (6 posts or less) is set, it is placed on an iron frame to wear iron wire nails.

A method of folding the intestine of pig intestines, such as intestinal powder, can be folded 32 versions with 3 upper shuttles and 2 lower shuttles.

A method of organ folding and folding. The book was folded and opened like a screen.

Reverse cover A method of manually binding the upper cover. First, the bottom edge of the back cover is set in place, then the spine cover is glued, and then the "reverse" cover action is done.

Mao Shu is not a book with long hair, and refers to a blank book that has been locked and not cut on the cover.

A piece of cloth attached to the upper and lower sections of the hard cover book spine. Play a solid and beautiful role.

A processing action such as hot stamping on the front cover of the fire-printed hardcover has a high humidity.


The high-profile pictures are of course bright and white, and the Japanese color separation style likes high-gloss spots without dots to lengthen the picture layer.

Low-key is not a faint sound, it means a dark picture, or dark tone.

The bombing was not a terrorist incident. Insufficient memory or disk space will cause the computer to die.

Pound does not mean weight. It is a measurement unit of typesetting. The smallest unit of English letters is Point, which is 72 inches in 1 inch.

The level does not refer to the hierarchy, the era of optical phototypes refers to the size of the text, and the level 4 is 1 mm.

The size does not refer to the horn, it refers to the size of the font in the era of the printing, the largest special size is 72 pounds, and the smallest size is 5 pounds.

Flat body does not refer to hairstyle, but refers to deforming the square shape with a lens to make the word flat, flat 1 is 10% (10%), flat 2 is 20%, flat 3 is 30%, and flat 4 is 40%.

The long body does not refer to the body type, but refers to the narrow body character, 1 narrow 10% long, 2 narrow 20% long, 3 narrow 30% long, 4 narrow 40% long.

Airbrushes use compressed air spray pens to use airbrushes to paint. Handmade gradient color method before the DTP era.

Byte is not a festival of words, it is the unit of computer machine language Byte, 8 bits is equal to one byte.

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