Mattress purchase attention to environmental protection, beware of mattresses containing formaldehyde

Furniture, flooring, cabinets, etc. are well-known building materials that may cause air pollution such as formaldehyde. When decorating a new home, soft clothes such as curtains, mattresses, fabric sofas, etc. are the most easily overlooked “killers” for releasing formaldehyde. .

According to reports, in fact, curtains, fabric sofas, mattresses, etc. all contain fabrics, which belong to chemical fiber and contain formaldehyde. In addition, most of the fabric parts in household products are printed. In the later stages of printing and dyeing, a variety of dyes and finishing agents are needed, many of which contain a certain amount of formaldehyde. The sponge used in mattresses and fabric sofas is a petroleum accessory and will also release formaldehyde. "However, household products contain formaldehyde is not terrible, as long as its limited range is within the reach of the human body." Experts said that it is necessary to watch out for some industries in the market that are not used in high-temperature forming and disinfection. Recycled fiber processed from scraps to produce inferior curtains and mattresses.

In fact, mattresses, fabric sofas, etc. have had the problem of excessive formaldehyde pollution, and the harm to people is more serious than ordinary furniture. Because these soft items are in direct contact with the human body.

Quality: the filler hidden inside is the key

When it comes to mattress quality, almost all mattress dealers believe that the most important thing is the springs and fillers hidden in the mattress, but these are things that are invisible and intangible. How do consumers distinguish between good and bad? A family Xiaobian provides a simple identification method for everyone: one look, two pressure, three listen.

At first glance, the appearance of the mattress is uniform, the surface is flat, the line marks are well-proportioned, and the mattress has to be certified.

The second pressure is to test the mattress by hand. Firstly, test the diagonal pressure of the mattress (the quality of the mattress is balanced with the diagonal bearing pressure), and then evenly test the surface of the mattress. Uniform, rebound balance, consumers are better to lie down and feel for themselves.

Three listening is a measure to detect the quality of the mattress spring. The qualified spring has good elastic force under the flapping, and has a slightly uniform spring sound. The rusted and inferior springs are not only poorly elastic, but also tend to be smashed and smashed under the squeeze. noise.

Table of intent, refers exclusively for the table to eat with. Material can be divided into wood tables, wood tables, marble dining table, marble dining table, marble coffee table, dining table jade, jade dining table, jade coffee table, marble dining table.

Round table

Roundtable if the living room, dining room furniture is square or rectangular, round table diameter increments from 150mm. In most small and medium housing, as with a diameter of 1200mm table, too often too large, it can be customized a diameter of 1140mm the round table, the same can sit 8-9 people, but it looks more spacious space. If the diameter of 900mm above table, although people can sit, but too much should not be placed fixed chair. As the diameter of 1200mm table, put 8 chairs, very crowded. 4-6 can put chairs. In people for a long time, and then folding chairs, folding chairs in storage compartment collection.

Rectangular table

760mmx760mm square table square table and rectangular tables 1070mmx760mm is a common table size. If the chair can be inserted into Zhuodi, even a small corner, you can put a six-seater dining table, dinner, only the need to pull out some of the table on it. 760mm width is standard size table, at least not less than 700mm, otherwise, due to the table when sitting too narrow feet touch each other. Table legs preferably shrink in the middle, if four legs arranged in the four corners, very inconvenient. Table height is generally 710mm, with 415mm seat height. Be lower desktop, when dining, food on the table can be seen more clearly.

Modern Classic Table

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