Mineral water bottles containing estrogens are not good for health

According to the US Daily Science Network, plastic packaging is currently on the rise and plastic bottled mineral water is a dazzling sight. If you think that bottled mineral water is clean, then it is time to reconsider it. According to Martin Wagler and Jorge Orman of the Department of Aquatic Toxicology at the Goethe University in Germany, plastic bottled drinking water contains estrogenic chemicals that are unhealthy.
Scientists analyzed the mineral water that is being sold on the market and found that the chemical components of estrogen penetrated into drinking water from plastic packaging. Moreover, these chemical components do work in living organisms and can accelerate the development of New Zealand snail embryos.
This discovery for the first time confirmed that the chemical composition infiltrated from the plastic package has the actual function of estrogen. The research findings were published in Springe's latest issue of the Journal of Environmental Science and Pollution Research.
In order to find out whether the chemical composition in the packaging material has penetrated into the food, the scientists tested 20 brands of mineral water sold in Germany, of which 9 are glass bottles, 9 are plastic bottles, and the other two are paper and Plastic film for composite packaging. Scientists took water samples from these products, and then used these sample waters for New Zealand snail breeding experiments to determine the source and function of additional source estrogens. It was found that 60% of samples contained estrogen chemical components, of which 33% were Glass bottled water contains estrogen, while plastic bottled water containing estrogen is up to 78%. Moreover, glass bottled water contains less estrogen than plastic bottled water. In addition, the two composite packaged drinking water brands also contain a considerable amount of estrogen components.
Through New Zealand snail breeding experiments, scientists found that the number of snails bred in plastic bottles was twice that of glass bottles. These results prove that the synthetic estrogen contained in the mineral water is contaminated with chemicals from plastic packaging.

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