New biodegradable polylactic acid packaging film

Recently, the United States CollegeFarm brand candy used biodegradable resin PLA (Poly) lactic acid NatureWorks natural material packaging film. This film has the same appearance and performance as a traditional candy packaging film (glassine or biaxially oriented polypropylene film) and has crystal transparency, excellent kink retention, printability, and strength, and has high barrier properties and is better Keep the sweet smell. Polylactic acid is a corn-based polymer developed by Cargill Corporation of the United States. According to the person in charge of the CollegeFarm brand candy factory, when the company accepts the concept of organic candy, it considers that the ideal packaging for the production line should be made of environmentally friendly materials. At present, the company has used PLA NatureWorks film in its high-speed kink packaging equipment with a production capacity of 1300 pieces of candy are packed every minute.

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