New Year's Day series pink makeup sweet temperament doll

Pink is involved in the MM's ideas, the most direct expression of the girls' minds. When the New Year's Day bell rings, the melody flows in the ear, and a touch of pink is like a romantic note, and it is the romantic atmosphere of the Red New Year. Pink sweet girl is full of sweet temptation, warm like soft sunshine, melting the cold of winter, making people unconsciously close...

Before the New Year of the Dragon, Vinistyle launched the 2012 New Year's Day pink doll makeup, transformed into a cute pink doll, enjoy the romance of the festival, enjoy the same sweetness!

Pink doll makeup at Vinistyle Brand Academy

Style Features: I hate the slow-paced, lively girls in winter. I like to break this dullness with bright and bright colors. This eye makeup is made with a thin pink eye shadow to add a touch of color to the makeup. The thick, curled eyelashes create a cute, big-eyed look like a doll, and it's a bright spot. This winter will definitely enhance your peach blossoms.

Suitable for occasions: dating & blind date

Efficacy: The opposite sex of the electric eye can not be ignored.

New Year's Day series pink makeup sweet temperament doll

Eye shadow painting:

Choose a sweet pink color, apply a proper amount of eye shadow to the eyes from the end of the eye to evenly smudge, enrich the eye makeup layering.

Tips: The color of the end of the eye is darker and gradually transitions to the lighter color in the eye.

Finally, in the part close to the eye, tap the diamond on the diamond to make the whole eye makeup crystal, sweet and pink.

Eyeliner makeup method:

Close to the bottom of the eyelids, from the eye to the end of the eye, outline the sweet eye

Tips: The surface of the eyeliner should be smooth and supple, and the eyeliner should not be too long, too thick, and smooth and natural.

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